Tim Hortons Is Finally Planning To Add Dairy-Free Milk To Their Menu In 2020

They're going back-to-basics.
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Tim Hortons Milk Alternatives Are Coming To Canada In 2020

After sales and profits fell at Tim Hortons in the last quarter, the Canadian company has confirmed that they’ll be taking things back to basics in 2020. Their first step will be to improve their hot drinks by introducing fresh coffee brewers and offering low-fat and plant-based milk options. Tim Hortons' milk alternatives will soon include skim milk, as well as almond milk.

The coffee shop’s parent company Restaurant Brands International Inc. (RBI) have made plans to take the chain back to their roots, after experiencing the slump in sales. 

In a conference call with analysts on Monday, CEO Jose Cil explained, “At Tim Hortons, our performance did not reflect the incredible power of our brand.”

“It is clear that we have a large opportunity to refocus on our founding values and what has made us famous with our guests over the years, which will be the basis for our plan in 2020," Cil added.

The Canadian brand intends to kick-off their new approach by improving the quality of their coffee.

According to The Canadian Press via Global News, this will start with fresh coffee brewers for more consistent quality, and a greater number of milk options for customers.

Both almond milk and skim milk are expected to be added to the menu this spring.

Cil further explained, “These adjustments may seem basic, but that’s the point: being the absolute best at the basics that we’re already famous for.”

In addition to new coffee combinations, the donut chain also intends to improve the quality of some of their breakfast options. Most notably, the bacon used in their sandwiches.

They also have plans to update their drive-thru boards, so that menus in all locations will be digital.

Finally, the company has also made plans to improve their loyalty program, rewarding customers based on points, rather than the number of visits.

In a tweet on Monday, BNN Bloomberg reporter Paige Ellis wrote, “Without explicitly referencing Beyond Meat, which it recently wiped from its menu, CEO of Tim Hortons parent company says its recent menu innovation 'lacked focus' and 'strayed too far' from its core business.”

This comes after Tim Hortons officially axed their remaining Beyond Meat products across Canada.

When the menu items were first introduced back in 2019, some people on social media suggested that the brand was having “an identity crisis.

While vegans and vegetarians may have been disappointed with the removal of Tims' Beyond Meat products, there's good news on the horizon.

A long-awaited milk alternative is on the way!

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