Do you need a little pick me up? Just in time for spring and Easter, there's a new tasty treat available for you to try. The Tim Hortons mini egg donut is here, and you can get it at the drive-thru, with takeout, or even delivered right to your door.

Even though most of us aren't taking part in our normal daily routines, that doesn't stop the seasons from changing or annual celebrations from happening.

Now the coffee chain has a new Cadbury Mini Eggs Dream Donut for you to snack on.

Since all dining room seating in most locations across the country has been closed until further notice, there are other ways for you to get your hands on this tasty treat.

You can order ahead on the app and pick up at the drive-thru, or just bring your car around and order at the speaker.

The new donut is listed at $1.99 on the app.

In line with the fancy Dream Donuts that Tims cooked up last year, this mini egg one is a little sleeker than a regular donut.

It has a white glaze that's topped with a dollop of pink frosting and a couple mini eggs around the edges, for garnish.

This new donut is a little bit different than what Tims rolled out around the same time last year.

Last year, the themed donut had that same white glaze, but was instead topped with spring-coloured sprinkles and three mini eggs in the middle.

It had more of a nest vibe to it, while the new one is a little fancier.

With dining areas closed, the restaurant is introducing mobile pick up.

This means that after ordering via the app, you can get your order walked out to you by a Tims employee, whether you're in your car or on foot, without having to go through the drive-thru.

The coffee chain will also be increasing its delivery coverage across Canada so that more people have access to Tims.

If delivery is available in your area, you can have the mini egg donut delivered to you right now.