Easter is just around the corner and that means one thing, it's mini egg season. Cadbury Mini Eggs to be specific are a staple of spring and now Tim Hortons is jumping on the mini egg bandwagon. Recently, Tim Hortons Mini Egg donuts have been spotted all across Canada

While the company has yet to make an announcement or any sort of official release about the new mini egg donuts, customers across the country have shared pictures, AKA evidence of the donuts on social media. Based on the pictures shared, the adorable donuts are like an upgraded version of Tim Hortons' classic sprinkle donuts. 

The Cadbury mini egg donut features sprinkles, which in most cases are pink and yellow but some pictures have shown a donut with all green sprinkles. Then the donut has three mini eggs perched on top, almost like an adorable easter nest. 

Like previously stated, while Tim Hortons hasn't officially confirmed the existence of these donuts, it's clear they are out there. People from Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, and other places all across Canada have proven this on Instagram in the past 24 hours. One of them was even Aramark at the University of Calgary, the company that handles on-campus food, including the Tim Hortons. 

Aramark doesn't give a lot of details about the donuts but they do suggest that they launched recently and will be here for a limited time only, saying "it’s that time again - Mini Eggs are back. Head over to Tims for your Mini Egg fix. Get ‘me while they last!" 

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They aren't the only ones talking about the donuts online. 

Based on all the posts, people are already obsessed with the mini egg donuts. 

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Narcity has reached out to Tim Hortons to confirm if the mini egg donuts are available at all their Canadian locations and will update this story as soon as we here back. 

You can read Narcity's original French story on Tim Hortons mini eggs donuts here