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Tim Hortons New Holiday Menu Is Coming Next Week And We're Actually Excited About It

New holiday drinks and doughnuts are hitting shelves next week.

Tim Hortons, controversial or not, is still considered a Canadian treasure. Even though some Canadians may question how Canadian the brand is after it was sold to Burger King back in 2014, the coffee chain is still considered near and dear to many of our hearts. 

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So, whenever Tim Hortons releases a new doughnut, latte or basically makes any announcement, Canadians go crazy for it. Just a few months ago, Tim Hortons released their new fall menu and it was literally pumpkin spice everything. They even came out with a Pumpkin Spice Iced Capp in September that left Canadians really confused but also excited for new menu items. 

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Now, Tim Hortons just released their new holiday menu for Christmas and we can't wait. The menu is filled with new holiday drinks, treats and more! Just last week, Tim Hortons released their holiday cups and next week we can expect those cups to be filled with some delicious holiday-themed drinks.

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On their new holiday menu, Tim Hortons released three new baked goods and three new hot chocolates just in time for the Christmas season. For the hot chocolates, they'll have a Candy Cane Hot Chocolate, Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate and a Marshmallow Hot Chocolate topped with mini marshmallows.

The candy cane drinks will be made with their signature hot chocolate, covered in whipped topping and candy cane pieces. A minty candy cane flavoured hot chocolate sounds pretty perfect to us. 

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Not to mention, they'll have an array of new baked goods. There will be a Raspberry Vanilla Jelly Roll that looks seriously tempting. It looks like a Tim Hortons version of a Swiss Roll - yum! There's a Holiday Donut shaped like a Christmas tree with sprinkles on top. Last but not least, their popular Filled Sugar Cookie is back! Canadians will surely be happy that their favourite icing filled sugar cookie is back again this year.

According to the Tim Hortons website, these holidays treats will be available in restaurants starting on November 21st.