Tim Hortons Thinks Their Lunches & Oreo Iced Capps Failed

How long until we see #BringBackOreoIcedCapps?
Tim Hortons Thinks Their Lunches & Oreo Iced Capps Failed

Maybe you haven't noticed, but Tim Hortons has been adding a lot of new stuff to its menu. And yet, they're having some trouble breaking into the lunch market, and some of their cold drinks have not been hits. For example, Tim Hortons executives think their Oreo Iced Capp was a failure. However, a vocal group of Twitter users think otherwise.

According to the Financial Post, president of Tim Hortons parent company RBI, Jose Cil, said that a promotion featuring the Oreo Iced Capp was met with a shrug. As a result, it underperformed.

Tim Hortons president Alex Macedo agreed. "A lot of the things we did worked well, but some others — like the cold beverages and lunch — didn’t," he told the Financial Post.

Tim Hortons has struggled to break into the lunchtime market with additions like its crispy chicken sandwich and the Beyond Meat burgers. Business strategist Mark Satov praised the addition of Timmies breakfast sandwiches, but lamented the effort to take on the massive competition for lunch.

"That’s a totally different thing, going into the lunch business and competing against McDonald’s, Burger King, A&W, and everybody else who serves burgers," he told BNN Bloomberg. "I just don’t think that’s their brand." 

Maybe the Oreo Iced Capp failed from a business standpoint, but Twitter users have been very vocal about their love for the frozen drink.

Even with all of that love, there were always going to be some haters, too.

And of course, one person had to ruin all the fun by pointing out just how many calories there are in an Oreo Iced Capp.

Will the drink make a return next year? It's hard to say, but there's one thing we know for sure: you'll still be able to buy an Iced Capp and crumble your own Oreos into it.