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Tim Hortons Brought Together Hockey & Puppies & It's Honestly Pure Canadian Joy

Tim Hortons' latest ad will be the best thing you see all day!
Tim Hortons Brought Together Hockey & Puppies & It's Honestly Pure Canadian Joy

If you were looking for something to give you a smile that will last the whole weekend, look no further. Tim Hortons’ latest Instagram advertisement has a combination of donuts, cute kids, hockey and tiny puppies, and it doesn’t get much better than this! Tim Hortons’ new puppies ad, which shows what’s happening behind-the-scenes at Timbits Hockey, even has fluffy puppies in hockey jerseys, and honestly, it is everything.

Tim Hortons’ marketing and advertising team are probably going to get a raise this weekend after their latest social media clips have had the whole internet reeling with joy. Featuring piñatas, donuts, cute kids, whoopee cushions, puppies, and even the NHL’s very own Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon, it’s hardly surprising that this ad is attracting all the right kinds of attention.

Advertising their Timbits Hockey Canada kids program, the clip starts by saying “67% of parents find youth sports too serious.” To combat this, Tim Hortons brings in NHL superstars Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon, who ask the kids what they could do to make things a little more fun on the ice.

Thankfully, Tim Hortons had managed to pick out some incredibly wise 6-year-olds, who told Crosby and MacKinnon exactly what they needed: a piñata, farting goalie pads, free snacks, and 10,000 puppies.

What comes next is complete, adorable mayhem. There’s sweets all over the ice, there’s farting noises coming from all directions, there’s kids scoring goals, and most importantly, there’s puppies wearing hockey jerseys.

Naturally, the campaign has been a hit with Tim Hortons’ social media followers, with hundreds of Canadians taking to various channels to applaud the Canadian company on their hilariously heartwarming videos.

One Twitter user wrote, “This is so great - nicely done!”

Another shared a similar opinion, adding, “Homerun campaign for Timmies. This is just amazing all around.”

A third Canadian tweeted, “This is what just what I needed after a frustrating day.”

Tim Hortons' incredibly adorable new ad showcases their Timbits Hockey Canada Initiation Program, which is designed to help younger kids to have a “safe and positive first experience” with the sport. 

Their motto is "Fun, Fitness and Fair Play," and if this new video is anything to go by, things look pretty fun indeed!

More details about Tim Hortons' and Hockey Canada's Timbits Hockey program can be found by clicking here.

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