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Tim Hortons Released A Canada Day Donut And 50% Of Canadians Are Happy, 50% Are Pissed For Some Reason

Tim Hortons just released a limited edition "Canada Day" donut.
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Tim Hortons Released A Canada Day Donut And 50% Of Canadians Are Happy, 50% Are Pissed For Some Reason

Canada Day is right around the corner, which means that stores will be decked out in Canadian-inspired decor, people will be prepping their BBQs for weekend festivities and everything will be in the shape of a maple leaf. 

Tim Hortons just announced that they're releasing a limited edition "Canada Day" donut and it has most Canadians VERY excited.

It seems that last year, Tim Hortons neglected to celebrate our national holiday with a special donut, so Canadians are relieved that they decided to sell a Canadian inspired treat for Canada's 151st birthday. 

Tim Hortons announced their new donut with the following Facebook post. 

Via Facebook/TimHortons

The caption reads,"#CanadaDay is just around the corner. Join us in celebrating all things eh-mazing with our limited-edition donut!" In the picture, you can see a long donut that is shaped just like the Canadian flag. The donut has red and white sprinkles on the sides and a maple leaf in the middle, it truly looks like our nation's flag. 

Here are some comments from Canadians that were excited about the new donut. 

"Just had one . My husband brought 2 home today with our daily Tim’s fix. They were so good! Lots of raspberry filling."

"Had it Oh!Canada!So Good! Eh!"

"i need this donut for the aesthetic"

"Should have just been red sprinkles on either side to make it more like the flag, but either way I’m having one tomorrow! lol"

"this will be our breakfast, lunch and dinner this sunday 👍🇨🇦👌😈"

I had one yesterday and it was delicious."

"Just write your comments about the donuts. These donuts are a neat, very Canadian idea. Pleased don’t be distracted by these other issues."

"I was at Timmy's today and saw this. It's gorgeous....looks so yummy. Think I might just have this on Canada Day."

I had one last night it was really good"

"🇨🇦️🇨🇦️🇨🇦️ HAPPY CANADA DAY TO ALL!! 🇨🇦️

And some Canadians were not so happy...

"At least they are actually doing something this year, unlike last🙄"

"Why don't you celebrate BRAZILIAN Holidays now that you are no longer "Canadian"? ...something soccer related maybe?"

"Since ALL of your locations have removed garbages from the drive through, I've taken to dumping my empty cups onto the ground at Every Tim's I go to."

"A group of us cleaned the ditches along 10km of road outside our town. We had a heaping pickup load of garbage when we were done. I would guess that well over 50% of the garbage was from Tim Hortons. Next year I'll be collecting the Hortons garbage in a separate bag and taking it back to the store and dumping it out right infront of the cashier! Happy Canada day eh!"

"It’s too bad since Tim Horton’s sold to foreign ownership their products taste like crap."

"Fak Canada day ever Thing is made in China even our flag. It has a small made in China lable. Also there is no support for our vets and people with disabiltes. But lots of help for boarder runners so very wrong I hate Canada"

"Tasty, except the filling should be Canadian maple."

"Probably charge too much lol"

"Is it Fresh ? im sick of hard stale donuts from Timmies .. we need more Dunkin Donuts in Canada , their donuts always fresh and not so small ."

"Are these made in Brazil?"

It lookslike even a donut can't make all Canadians happy. Oh well, at least they tried!

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