The Most Hilariously Messed Up Tim Hortons "Smile Cookies" In Canada On Day 1

At least it's for a good cause!
Tim Hortons Smile Cookies Are Back & Weirder Looking Than Ever

It's that time of year again: Tim Hortons smile cookies are on sale and the proceeds are going to good causes. Each cookie costs a dollar, and the entirety of that dollar will be given by Tim Hortons owners to a specific charity or cause. The best part is that Tim Hortons has introduced an app to make ordering multiple cookies easier than ever, meaning even more money goes to those causes.

"Tim Hortons is a brand that has been built up town by town and city by city over the last 55 years and this is one of many initiatives that allows our restaurant owners to give back to the communities in which they live and work," Tim Hortons COO Mike Hancock said in a press release. "Our guests, restaurant owners and their team members feel incredibly proud knowing that the money raised during the campaign directly supports local causes."

In 2018, the smile cookie campaign raised over $7 million across the country, with proceeds going to 550 individual causes. These included hospitals, local charities, and community programs. So basically, if you have some time and a hankering for something sweet, go for the smile cookie!

Of course, with so many cookies flying out the doors of Tim Hortons, it's hard to make them all look perfectly good. Just as there were last year, more than a few Tim Hortons cookies have come out of the process looking a little, well, odd. For example:

This cookie has a goiter

It probably needs more iodine in its diet.

This cookie has more of a smirk than a smile

To be fair, sometimes you just don't feel like smiling, you know?

This cookie thinks it's time for you to get ahead

It's also not a fan of Justin Trudeau.

This cookie used to host The Tonight Show

Now it just drives fancy cars and wears full denim outfits every day.

This cookie is the clown prince of Gotham City

"Why so serious?" this cookie is probably asking while trying to get under Batman's skin.

This cookie is licking its own eyeball

Chameleons can do this, but have you ever seen a cookie do it? We don't like it.

This cookie is winking, we hope

Otherwise, it just lost an eye and we feel bad for making fun of it.

This cookie's makeup got smeared

Sometimes a cookie is just in a rush and, well, these things happen. Hopefully, it notices before it goes out in public.

This cookie looks like it's down on its luck

Someone lend this cookie a dollar because it's broke! Get it? Hello? Is this thing on?

This cookie is smiling for a different reason

We're going to go ahead and guess that someone bought this cookie right around 4:20.

This cookie has some seriously chubby cheeks

Alright, we have to admit: this one is actually kind of adorable.

This cookie is crying because it got mouth in its eye

Hey, we've all been there, right?

This cookie's eyes are actually eyebrows

If eyes are the window to the soul, then we really can't tell what this cookie is all about.

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