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Tim Hortons' Smoked Sausage Breakfast Sandwich Is Being Compared To A Hot Dog

People say it looks more like a hot dog than a smoked sausage.

The internet can sometimes be a ruthless place where people call out and make fun of things. That's no different for one of Canada's most well-known food chains. The Tim Hortons smoked sausage breakfast sandwich is being trolled online for looking like a cut-up hot dog.

A new addition to the Tims breakfast lineup, the smoked sausage breakfast sandwich, was introduced back in September at participating locations in Canada.

But not everyone was too jazzed about the new breakfast item. Many people took to Twitter to point out that the smoked sausage looked more like a hot dog cut in half on a biscuit.

"Where I come from, that is called a goddamn weiner. That’s a hot dog breakfast sandwich," one person said.

Another person said that "successful spin framing is when you convince adults to buy a hot dog and egg sandwich, by calling it a 'Smoked Sausage Breakfast Sandwich'."

The smoked sausage breakfast sandwich is a split smoked sausage on top of a seasoned egg omelet with cheese. The new food is offered on either an English muffin or a biscuit.

When the new sandwich was first introduced, one Reddit user posted about it in the Tim Hortons subreddit. Other users joined in, telling their experiences with it.

One Reddit user and Tims employee said that "I basically cook them to throw away."

"Smoked sausage? Looks and actually tastes like a hot dog," another user said.

from TimHortons

from TimHortons

from TimHortons

At least one person said they liked the new sandwich.

When one Reddit user said "the food is just getting worse and worse," another said, "It’s not bad to eat."

from TimHortons

from TimHortons

The smoked sausage breakfast sandwich is one of many all-day breakfast options at Tim Hortons.

The sandwich is only available for a limited time at participating Tim Hortons locations.

*Narcity has reached out to Tim Hortons for comment and the article will be updated once a response is received.

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