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A Local Tim Hortons Is Staying Open To Serve Coffee To Fire Fighters Despite Wildfire Threat

Other services are also remaining open to help the firefighters.
Ontario Editor
A Local Tim Hortons Is Staying Open To Serve Coffee To Fire Fighters Despite Wildfire Threat

It's been a hard week for Albertans as wildfires continue to break out throughout the province. As the dangers of the fires continue to increase, thousands are being evacuated from their homes towns. However, one local Tim Hortons is remaining open during these wildfires to serve the firefighters who are attempting to put out the blaze. 

Narcity reported that these wildfires have gotten so out of hand that Alberta is now rated at the highest possible danger level for wildfires. Due to an increase in these fires, a number of mandatory evacuations have been put in place around the province, including the city of High Level. 

An evacuation order was put in place for the city on Monday and 5,000 residents were forced to leave their homes around the city as the fires continue to blaze on. Helicopters and water bombers are currently being used in attempts to stop the fire and Alberta Wildfire has 89 firefighters on scene. 

However, according to CTV News despite the evacuation notice, one local Tim Hortons has decided to remain open in order to serve the firefighters and emergency crews that are still in the city trying to battle the fire.

The Tim Hortons in High Level, Alberta is showing their inner Canadian by staying open despite the risks to help their local firefighters. They are currently offering a limited menu, but the restaurant is open 24 hours, seven days a week. 

The Tim Hortons is currently operating with only 10 staff members and a handful of volunteers. These staff members include Jared Snyder, who co-owns the location with his parents. 

Jared Snyder told CTV that when emergency services asked them if they would keep their restaurant open, they didn't hesitate and were happy to help the emergency crews. 

However, Tim Hortons isn't the only company that is staying back to help out local emergency crews. The Home Hardware in High Land is also staying open to provide 'essential services' to the firefighting team. 

Multiple hotels are also keeping their doors open despite the evacuation notice in order to provide rooms and meals to the firefighters who are working long hours to keep their town safe. 

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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