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People Are Getting Tim Hortons Tattoos & Scoring Free Food (PHOTOS)

Check out the one with the squirrel.

What's the most Canadian thing to tattoo on your body? For a guy in Regina, it would be getting a Tim Hortons tattoo on his head. Korby Regan's Tim Hortons tattoo journey went public back in 2015, and since then more people have gotten tattoos to show their love for Canada's beloved coffee chain.

In an interview with CBC, Regan outlined the story of how his friend offered to tattoo him for free. Regan's friend told him to get something he really liked. He immediately decided to go with the Tim Hortons logo tattooed on the side of his shaved head! Talk about showing some Canadian pride through coffee.

"I just love Tim Hortons," Regan told CBC. "Some people think I'm crazy. But they have dragons and skulls on their heads."

He also mentioned that he's received free coffee and donuts from promoting Tim Hortons on his head, depending on which branch he goes to.

"It wasn't about what I get out of it though. I just like it," he added.

Well, now we've gathered all of the known Tim Hortons tattoos out there for your viewing pleasure. In no particular order, take a look at some of the tattoos we've found:

A couple of people even have animals enjoying Tim Hortons tattooed on their bodies. We'd like to think that our furry friends would enjoy a cup of Tims, if they could!

Others chose to display their names in the style of Tim Hortons' logo, or turned it into a tribute to their mom.

And on Monday, July 22, Buffalo, New York's country music station, Country 106.5 WYRK tweeted about buyer's remorse.

Would you take the plunge and mark your body forever with a Tim Hortons tattoo? We're still thinking about it.