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Tim Hortons Video Shows Ontario Man Totally Soaking His Coffee In Sanitizing Spray

"A double-double and a dousing of sanitizer, please!" Some people just can't get enough of Canadian coffee, it seems, even if they have to attack it with chemicals. A Tim Hortons video shows a man going to town on his cup o' joe with what appears to be a sanitizing spray. It's fair to say he took the "safety first" option slightly too far.

The recent clip, which has gone viral after being shared widely on social media, shows a man at a Tim Hortons in London, Ontario waging chemical warfare on his hot drink.

The video has thousands and thousands of likes and views across multiple platforms after being shared this week.

In the clip, the customer hoses his cup down with what seems to be a sanitizer spray bottle, seemingly making sure to drench every possible square inch.

It's truly an insight into the world of drive-thru service in the time of COVID-19.

By the looks of it, he was in danger of drinking more chemical spray than coffee by the end.

Bizarrely, the clip ends with the customer chucking the Tims cup lid back inside the drive-thru window, tipping out the first inch or two of his coffee, and then heading off.

But not before another driver behind him apparently honked at it to which he responded with "fuck off, wait!"

Someone inside the store managed to capture the whole fiasco, which Tims confirmed took place at a London, Ontario drive-thru, per Global News' Sean O'Shea

The main reaction to the video seems to be disbelief, with many people asking the pretty valid question: Why doesn't he just make his own coffee at home if he's worried about sanitation?

Maybe he's run out? After all, that would seem to make sense from this clip. He's gonna run out of sanitizer pretty soon at this rate, too.

A statement from Tims' Chief Corporate Officer Duncan Fulton which was emailed to Narcity read, in part: "Canadians are known as thoughtful, reasonable and respectful people and now more than ever we ask everyone to demonstrate these values and show respect to those working tirelessly in the midst of the pandemic."*

Back on March 16, Tim Hortons issued a statement confirming that they were switching to take-out, drive-thru and delivery orders only for the purposes of social distancing and health and safety.

During times like these, that seems to be throwing up some odd interactions. You can certainly add this to the list of videos that are so relatable to Tim Hortons workers.

Starting back on March 18, Timmie's vans are travelling across Canada to hand out free coffee to doctors and nurses, as well as hospital employees for their hard work.

We hope they went easy on the sanitizer, because this ain't right.

*This article has been updated.