Earlier this week, the internet went wild when they discovered that a “Wayne Gretzky” 9x9 from Tim Hortons was a real drink that you can actually order in Canada! Thanks to a viral TikTok from one brave, sugar-lovin' Canadian, the Tim Hortons “Wayne Gretzky” coffee is now known to the whole world, and here’s what he had to say about the whole experience.

If you haven't heard about the drink named for the iconic hockey star yet, it's basically a code name for one of the coffees that's on their menu - a nine sugar and nine cream coffee, that is usually served pretty cold due to the excessive amount of cream!

While a double-double or a triple-triple is more than sweet enough for most of us, one guy from Sudbury, Ontario decided that a 9x9 was something that he wanted to try.

Ryan Lair, who’s 18 years old, told Narcity, “Me and my friends were getting ready for a local music festival in my hometown of Walkerton. We were passing by Tim Hortons and my friend Josh mentioned, ‘It would be funny to try a 9x9 coffee at Tims for your TikTok.’”

Filming their order, the teen and his friends approached the restaurant's drive-thru, and simply asked the staff for “A Gretzky.”

“We never expected the video to get this viral,” he explained. “I had a feeling in my stomach it was going to get thousands of views, but never thought hundreds of thousands of views."

He added, "We posted the video around 7 p.m., and by midnight it had hit 200,000 views.”

Speaking about the staff reaction, Lair explained, “We were expecting them to double-check the order, but their reactions were genuine and surprising. We thought it was hilarious.”

And the drink itself? Well, it’s so nice, he had it twice!

“The drink itself tastes very rich and sweet,” he told Narcity, adding, “Almost like a very, very sweet French vanilla.” 

“The cup was cold and so was the drink, and it didn’t have a coffee taste to it at all. It was very strong and only about 1/10th of the cup was coffee. All you taste is cream and sugar.”

“As a matter of fact, I am having one right now!" the new 9x9 fan said. 

Lair shared the video of his 9x9 to his TikTok account, where it has more than 1,000 comments and 102,000 ‘likes.’

While the original video was posted back in the summer, it’s still gaining plenty of traction online and has even been picked up by some popular Tim Hortons meme pages.

In the comments, many Canadians were shook that the “Gretzky” actually exists.

Speaking of his viral video, Lair said, “It was a very iconic moment and made plenty [of people] laugh.” 

When asked if this was this was the end of his adventures in Tim Hortons, Lair said, “If I could try it once more and make people laugh again I would 100% have to.”

A true Canadian, eh?!

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