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Relive Your Tinder Hookups At These Hilarious(ly Awkward) Ontario Comedy Shows This Month

Swipe right on this show, cause it's a match!
Relive Your Tinder Hookups At These Hilarious(ly Awkward) Ontario Comedy Shows This Month

Most of us have fallen down the Tinder rabbit hole at some point, and you can spend hours swiping right and (mostly) left before landing on an acceptable candidate. Sometimes, things end abruptly after a few too many weird DMs, and if you actually reach the point of meeting IRL, things can get even weirder. But arguably the best part of Tinder can be sharing the crazy encounters with your BFFs, and if you love laughing at Tinder fails, then the upcoming Tinder Tales Ontario comedy shows are the place to do it.

Tindertales has been running successfully in Toronto since November 2014. Since then, it has expanded to Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax, and throughout Ontario.

This month, there are provincial shows in Waterloo, Hamilton, Mississauga, Toronto, Kingston, and Ottawa. The two Ottawa shows on Sept. 28, at 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., will be the first in the city that are open to the public.

Each show features numerous comedians who will spill all of their worst (and sometimes successful) Tinder dates.

Inspiration for the show came to creator Adelade LaFontaine on a trip to the Toronto Islands, she tells Narcity.

"There were a couple of bad dates but the one that truly inspired the show was a Tinder date to the Toronto Island," LaFontaine explains.

"Immediately after we met up, we lined up to get on the ferry in a massive crowd of people on a hot summer day. This guy I had just met was already putting his arm around me, rubbing my back like we had been dating for months, when I realized a trip to the island on a first date was a bad idea, with no easy exit strategy.

"About 10 minutes after the ferry docked we found a clear grassy patch, he took his shirt off (ugh), and we started tossing a football between us. On a poor attempt at a catch the ball I jammed my pinky finger, or so I thought. I held my hand between my legs, breathing in deeply, then feeling nauseous. I finally released my hand to see my left pinky finger was bent almost to a 90-degree angle away from my hand."

Finally, albeit at the cost of a nasty hand injury, LaFontaine got the exit strategy she was searching for.

"We had to call an emergency water taxi and this stranger witnessed me in a very vulnerable state after breaking my first bone. Our date ended in the ER. Turned out it was a 'spiral fracture' which resulted in me (being) in an arm cast for six weeks... and now we're married! Kidding. We had a second date and I fell asleep during it. There was no third date."

Following that rather unpleasant experience, LaFontaine started to wonder what other crazy things were happening on Tinder dates.

And, thus, the show was born.

Got your own incredible Tinder story, whether good or bad, that you think wouldn't be out of place at the show? Well, you might have a chance to be included in the show!

Tinder Tales will be accepting video story submissions, LaFontaine explains.

"Yes, anyone can submit a story for consideration. A summary with a twist or a funny aspect, some sort of climax (no pun intended) or punchline has a better chance of being accepted. A video clip of any other stage performance, or telling the story itself is encouraged, although a performing background is not necessary."

It's important to note that some swearing and sex talk is fine, but of course, anything that is discriminatory in any way, whether, sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or any other kind of shaming, won't be accepted.

LaFontaine says the shows usually sell out quickly.

There's limited ticket availability at all of the shows so it's a good idea to grab your tickets in advance either on the Tinder Tales website or Eventbrite.

A full list of this month's Ontario dates can be found here.

Tinder Tales 

Price: $12

When: Throughout September

Address: Various locations across Ontario

Why You Need To Go: You can LOL at some of the craziest Tinder stories, and realize you're not alone in the dating struggle.