Your new happy place awaits. If you are dreaming about finally owning your first place, we found the perfect home for you. This affordable tiny home for sale in B.C. has nordic cabin vibes, and it is on wheels.

With sky-high house prices, purchasing a house might seem entirely out of the budget. Thankfully the popular in small homes has made it easier to afford a place to live, even on a starter salary.

When you picture going tiny, you might think of something cluttered and dark. But the Garabaldi House, which is for sale in B.C., actually looks like a relaxing nordic retreat.

Even though the building is only 334 square feet, it feels like four times its size.

With its vaulted ceilings and white walls, that keeps it feeling bright and airy. Plus, there are windows everywhere allowing you to soak in the view all around you.

The living area is the perfect spot to lounge, with your television conveniently wall mounted. If you have guests staying the night, there is even space for a sofa bed.

Meanwhile, if you like to cook, the kitchen has everything you could need any more.

It has a surprising amount of counter space, plus microwave, gas oven, and even a kitchen bar perfect for your morning coffee. Or you could always enjoy a romantic meal at the dining set for two.

tiny house

Meanwhile, the bathroom is most likely more massive than the one in your bathroom. It comes with an incredible mirror with a built-in light ring that is perfect for doing your makeup or getting ready in the morning.

Inside the space, you'll even find a washing machine to clean all your clothes too.

tiny house for sale in bc

Upstairs, you'll find a loft bedroom, that is the cozy escape you crave after a long day at work. On both sides of the space, there are handy lights, making it easy to read in bed.

The top feature of the home isn't the price tag, but it is the wheels. This unique home is mobile, so you can easily drive it to wherever you want to go.

tiny house for sale

It is ideal for anyone not sure where they want to set down roots, or someone who likes to enjoy weekend road trips in comfort.

Garabaldi Tiny House

Price: $138,900

Neighbourhood: Mobile property in BC (no set address)

Description: Drive your home to wherever you want to live.

tiny house for sale

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