Most of all of us have memories of riding school busses when we were young, and we may even have memories of sleeping on them too; those early school mornings were killer. And with this school bus turned mobile home, you can relive those memories and make them new, and definitely more comfortable. There are plenty of Florida tiny homes for sale, and this one is actually pretty affordable!

This school bus has gone through some serious reservations and looks more like something you’d adventure on with Ms. Frizzle now, than something that would simply take you to school and back! All the added amenities will keep you cool and comfortable on your travels, and at $22,500, it can all be yours!

The base of the vehicle is a 1993 Thomas Safe-t-liner ER, and at 40ft long, it used to hold up to 83 passengers back in the day. It was converted by its previous owner and remodeled by the current one who put it up for sale.

While it is only one bedroom, a four-seat dinette transforms into a comfy bed, plus a second couch transforms into bunk beds.

It offers a full custom kitchen with a four-burner stove, propane pizza oven, and a double sink. There’s also a complete bathroom with a vanity and toilet, and a hot water heater keeps the outside shower warm.

The roof has been raised and soundproofed through the whole length of the bus. There’s even a back-up camera, and a raised platform at the back of the bus to transport bikes, grills, etc.

And to top it off, the front LED sign is still programmable!

It’s definitely a bus that needs to be seen to be believed, and you can even call and take it for a test drive.

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Thomas School Bus RV Conversion Skoolie

Price: $22,500

When: Available now

Address: Fort Myers, Florida

Why You Need To Go: Take this magical school bus for a test drive and live your magic school bus dreams!