Tiny houses are totally trending right now and there's really no down side to these functional, portable spaces. Sure, you're sacrificing a bit of open space but that's a minor trade-off in relation to the positive impacts on the environment, your wallet and your travel goals (because a lot of these babies are on wheels). This tiny house for sale in Georgia is total goals and it's on the market for less than $30,000.

A home for the price of a luxury car? We'll take two, please. The tiny home concept is growing in popularity among millenials because we are very thrifty. Buying a pricy home that you might not even spend much time in, because you're off having too much fun around Georgia, isn't a financially sound idea. Tiny homes are treated similar to RVs since many have mobile capabilities. 

With the average tiny home currently costing $55,321 in Alpharetta, Georgia, this particular abode is a real steal.

This tiny home for sale, named The Grand Junction, is only $29,500 and has all the features a tiny home would need. The simplistic, boutique-style exterior painted with subtle neutrals is seriously a look.

The modern, practical interior doesn't seem like much of a tight squeeze with the slew of windows that provide plenty of natural light to open up the space. The finished interior is also super sleek and modern, just waiting for you to complement it with your cutesy decor.

This 160-square-foot modern home on wheels ought to be on the list for your next investment if you're looking to start homeowning early. Although there doesn't appear to be a lofted bed, there are ways to make sleeping arrangements work. 

The brand new, never-before-used space can also double as a yoga studio, an office, a video game cave, a private hair salon or whatever your creative juices come up with.

This picturesque home may be the very thing to help you make your travel dreams come true, especially if those dreams involve saving some serious cash. 

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