The tiny house market has become a huge hit in Millennial culture in recent years. With the vagabond lifestyles that define the younger generations, these adorable (and super cheap) accommodations just make sense for many. There are tons of tiny home listings in Georgia, but this one with an elevator bed is a "step" above the rest.

This recently-listed mini home in Cumming, Georgia is a humble space on a trailer platform. The modern-industrial exterior is painted light gray and navy with lots of windows to allow natural light to pour in.

The 160-square-foot accommodation includes one bathroom, one bedroom, and two lofted bedrooms. The architectural design makes this super tiny space feel a lot more open than it may seem. A party of two can likely fit comfortably in these cozy quarters

To add even more space, you can adjust the "elevator" bed to allow more wiggle room when you aren't using it. Using a Bluetooth-powered app, you can actually raise and lower the bed as needed. Technology can truly be mind-blowing.

Other amenities include an indoor and outdoor shower, outdoor lighting, a composting toilet, propane heat, a bathroom sink with a storage loft, a sturdy metal roof and a washer-combo unit.

The kitchen area features a wood stove and a full refrigerator. Believe it or not, there's even extra storage space.

The interior is complete with simple, unfinished wood structures and neutral colors, creating a comfy cabin feel that you can customize to make it your own. 

This little gem full of many bonuses is going for only $45,900 right now!

You can ditch the cross-country RV and opt for this instead because it's fully mobile. If you're seriously considering buying your first home, you might want to consider the tiny route.

If you're interested in this unique and economical way of life, you can attend this tiny home festival coming to Georgia this April to explore the idea further.

Tiny House With Elevator Bed

Price: $45,900

Address: Cumming, Georgia

Description: A 160-square-foot tiny home with Bluetooth-powered elevator bed.

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