This Alabama Company Creates Clear Glass Swimming Pools Out Of Shipping Containers

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Tiny Homes Builders Safe Room Designs Crafts Pools Made From Shipping Containers

You can live out your mermaid dreams and dive into a clear above-ground swimming pool from an Alabama-based company. Tiny home builders Safe Room Designs craft these pools and their tiny homes for customers worldwide using empty shipping containers. You can get a custom-made glass pool and feel like you're in a magical underwater world right in your back yard.

If you're dreaming of getting one of these clear pools for yourself, they're currently for sale in Mobile for $39,900. Safe Room Designs also have custom shipping container homes for sale right now that look like little galactic spaceships, if you're looking to fully transition to the tiny life.

These glass aquariums feature huge windows that make for a unique above-ground pool experience. But you can also get your pool installed in-ground if that's more your style.

The pools come in two sizes, 20-foot or 40-foot, which holds 4,800 and 9,600 gallons of water, respectively. The water will be eight feet and two inches deep, so you'll have plenty of room to unleash your inner Little Mermaid as you flip your fins.

The 20-foot size goes for $39,900 while the 40-foot will run you a bit more at $48,900.

The interior and exterior can even be completely customized with the colors of your choice. Customization options are basically endless but may add extra costs.

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This deep glass pool is an at-home luxury for those of us who love to stay in. Believe it or not, you can also get a backyard beach oasis installed in Lousiana and soak up the sun from home.

Speaking of fancy, these pools also have the option to be heated, which is perfect for chillier locations. You can even add a divider wall to make part of your pool a spa. You can hop into warm waters for a toasty outdoor soak surrounded by snow.

These pools are just one of many designs by Safe Room. The company creates "Magic Tiny Houses" including the Alabama 2019 Model and the Back Yard 2019 Model, each with solar panels.

Whether you want to go tiny and get a pool, or simply start swimming, Safe Room Designs has the hookup.

Container Pool

Price: $39,900 to $48,900

Address: Mobile, AL

Description: This container pool created by Safe Room Designs is made out of a shipping container that can be installed above-ground or in-ground with glass windows. 

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