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This Tiny Piglet Was Just Saved After He Was Found Dying On An Ontario Highway (PHOTOS)

He has been named 'Mango' and he is looking for a forever home!

A tiny piglet has narrowly escaped death this week, after falling from a truck and onto a busy Ontario highway. Left on the roadside, broken-boned and bloody, the little pig would have surely died, had it not been for kind-hearted passer-by Julia Wykes. Wykes stopped her car, grabbed the injured piglet, and drove him to safety, literally saving his bacon!

According to the piglet’s fundraising page, Wykes was driving along one of Ottawa’s major highways, when she caught a glimpse of an unusual ‘something’ at the side of the road. While she initially drove on, Wykes could not shake the image of the object from her mind, and felt compelled to go back. When she did, she found a little piglet, lay “shivering and bloody” on the ground.

It is believed that the young animal had fallen from a transport truck, on his way to a finishing farm, where he would have been fattened up and sold for meat. His rescuers also suspect that he could have been hit by a car during his ordeal, before being left on the highway to die.

Thankfully though, Wykes was on hand to save the little pig. She wrapped him up in a towel, took him home, and named him “Mango.”

Fearing Mango was going to die, Wykes contacted an experienced veterinarian, who promised to do everything they could to save him. Despite things initially looking pretty bleak for the little pig, Mango was given some pain medication and seemed to pick-up!

Despite his positive little piggy attitude, x-rays showed that Mango had multiple fractures, which will require surgery by a specialist. Thankfully, he had no other serious injuries, meaning he should one-day be a normal, happy piggy!

That said, the specialist surgery and around-the-clock care and pain medications that Mango needs have come with a pretty hefty price-tag, and now his rescuers are reaching out to Canada’s animal-lovers, for donations towards keeping Mango comfortable.

Those involved with Mango’s care anticipate that the total costs associated with his stabilization, diagnosis, pain management, surgery, post-operative care, and preventive health care (such as vaccinations and dewormer) will between $5000 to $7000. 

A gofundme page has been set up for Mango, and at the time of writing there was already $3,000 worth of donations towards his care! 

Even more exciting, Mango is now searching for his forever home! While he is so adorable it is easy to imagine cuddling up with him every night, veterinarians make it clear that he is a commercial pig, and is expected to grow pretty big! 

Therefore, Mango is looking for a sanctuary or hobby-farm to take him in, somewhere where he will be able to live the rest of his life in “peace and piggyness!”

If you’re interested in donating to baby Mango’s care, you can click here! If you think you could offer Mango a forever home, you can contact his rescuers on the Saving Baby Mango Facebook page.

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