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7 Tips & Tricks Every Canadian Small-Business Owner Needs To Know

Yellow Pages is ready to help you level up your digital-marketing game.

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7 Tips & Tricks Every Canadian Small-Business Owner Needs To Know

There can be a lot to think about when managing a small business, from choosing the right e-commerce platform to figuring out your social media strategy.

A huge player in the success of your business is digital marketing. This is most likely how you'll gain new customers, so it's important to base your decisions around your target audience. From Google ads to Facebook (or Meta) ads, you have to ask yourself what platforms and channels your customers will use the most.

If you're not sure where to start, Yellow Pages has a lot of useful resources for small businesses. Having provided services to over 125,000 Canadian companies for over 100 years, they've definitely got a few tips and tricks up their sleeve.

Plus, you can take advantage of Yellow Pages' many digital marketing services to help your business thrive. Bonus: if you fill out this form, they'll give you a free recommendation.

Whether you're a longtime enterprise owner or just beginning your entrepreneurial journey, there are a few ways you can leverage a digital presence. Here's how you can increase brand awareness and stand out from your competition.

Upgrade Your Website

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Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned business owner, your online presence is key.

Yellow Pages has partnered with Wix, the world's leading web development platform, to help you create a website you can totally customize. Depending on your needs, you can even add features like e-commerce, online booking, reservation management and food ordering too.

Lean Into Social Media

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Whether you decide to promote your small business or engage with your existing audience, you can really make use of social media ads to get your brand messaging, announcements and products out there.

You can focus on just one or several platforms and take advantage of the benefits of each. With photo galleries, guides and ads, there are many ways social networks can boost your traffic. Bonus: the Yellow Pages team will be there to guide you and take out all the guesswork,

Try Out Search Engine Marketing

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Search engine marketing (SEM) is a strategy used to drive traffic from search engines. Whether that’s advertising on search results pages or targeting the best keywords for your business, Yellow Pages can help you plan, build and optimize your strategy.

As a Google Premier Partner, Yellow Pages experts have proven their ability to manage successful SEM campaigns that meet Google’s highest standards, so you can drive more customers to your business.

Manage Your Online Presence And Reputation

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Managing your online presence and reputation is an important aspect of running a small business. The way your customers rate and review you can have a huge impact on driving traffic and generating revenue.

Yellow Pages’ online presence and reputation management solution can help you connect with current and potential customers, make sure your business information is accurate and visible, and communicate with reviewers to ensure a high level of customer service.

Learn About SEO

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can boost organic traffic to your website and make your business appear on browsers like Google.

Using SEO keywords on your homepage, linking internally and hiring an SEO expert are easy ways to increase your visibility. With the right tactics, you can attract new customers — and hopefully more sales — to your business.

Use Community Resources

Everyone could use a little support, especially when it comes to business. One way to get started with digital marketing is to make the most out of your resources.

Think about joining a local Business Improvement Association and take advantage of their social platforms and events. You could also join neighbourhood groups on Facebook to get the word out about your business.

Yellow Pages also has dedicated digital specialists who'll ensure that the best practices are followed.

Spice Up Your Email Signature

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You might be thinking, "What do email signatures and digital marketing have in common?" Well, if you imagine your email signature as a virtual business card, you might start to see the relation.

Sure, including your contact info might seem obvious, but pairing that info with links to your website and social networks is key. This creates call-to-action buttons that can inspire your connections to click through to your business. It’s totally easy (and free) to do yourself.

If you need a little help getting things off the ground (everybody does from time to time), Yellow Pages is a one-stop shop that offers digital marketing services from creating your online presence to making it thrive.

Their team of dedicated digital advisors can help you develop a plan specifically for your small business. Plus, you can capitalize on their partnerships with companies like Wix, Google and Meta.

Your big ideas can make a big impact — they just have to reach the right audience first.

To learn more about Yellow Pages' services, head over to their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

Brittany Barber
Staff Writer, Studio