When you order coffee, is mocha your go-to favourite? If you can't get enough of the mix of espresso and cocoa, then we have a treat you need to try. New Tiramisu Oreos have hit the shelves in Canada, and they are a coffee lover's dream come true.

Recently, the cookie brand has been releasing so many mouthwatering treats, and we want to try them all. After devouring too many super cute pink egg-shaped cookies for Easter, it's time to try the latest limited-edition flavour.

The new cookies taste like the classic Italian dessert tiramisu. If you've ever tried to make tiramisu, you'll quickly realize it can be a lot of work getting it not to be a soggy mess.

You'll need to soak ladyfingers with coffee, and then layer it with mascarpone and cocoa. The whole process can be rather time-consuming.

But with this new limited-edition flavour, you can skip all those steps and open the box to enjoy the delicious blend of espresso and chocolate.

Opening the box, you'll find that these new tiramisu flavoured cookies have the classic crisp chocolate base that we all love. But it's the inside where they shake things up.

Inside, it's double stuffed, with two different types of frosting. There's one layer of the yummy original frosting and then an extra heaping of tiramisu icing.

All the tastes combined make for a seriously incredible snack.

Just be warned, it is so good you might finish half the box in one sitting.

Both Junkfood Junction and Snack Gator praise the new cookie as being absolutely delicious.

Here in Canada, you'll be able to find it for sale online or at your local grocery store. Snack food reviewer Junkfood Canada recently spotted them at a Sobey's in Alberta. 

Even if coffee isn't your thing, there are plenty of other yummy cookies to look forward to this year.

We can't wait to see what new Oreos will arrive in the next few months. Perhaps more sparkle frosting? Or who knows, maybe they will release a new mystery flavour.

Tiramisu Oreos

Why You Need It: Your coffee-flavoured dessert now comes in the form of your favourite cookie!