The sequel to one of the most loved and talked about movies is coming to Netflix Canada in early 2020 and the recent trailer ignited tons of excitement. The first film came out in 2018 and starred a young Canadian who played Lana Condor character's younger sister, Kitty Covey. To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You star Anna Cathcart has a crush on Spiderman and a common phobia. 

Here are seven facts about the actress. 

She's From Vancouver

Cathcart was born in 2003 in Vancouver, B.C., according to IMDb. She's currently 16 years old and celebrates her birthday on June 16.

She Started Acting At 12 Years Old

In an interview with Famous Birthdays, the young star said, "my older sister started acting before I did and I was always really shy when I was little so I was not into it, it seemed super cool but not for me." But as she got older, she got into serious film and TV acting when she was 12, and ended up getting more opportunities and roles.

She Has A Dog Named Mia

The Canadian actress told YSBnow in a YouTube interview that her dog's name is Mia and she's her "best friend", as well as the fact that she's a huge dog lover and will go out of her way to pet dogs she sees.

She Starred In Descendants

Besides her role in the To All The Boys franchise, she also starred in Descendants 2 and 3 as Dizzy Tremaine. Her very first on-screen role was in 2016 for Odd Squad, an educational series on TVOKids that's still ongoing.

Her Celeb Crush Is Tom Holland

Her celebrity crush is "Tom Holland but specifically Peter Parker" and she gushed about him in both YouTube interviews.

Her Dream Role Is To Be In Spider-Man 3

Cathcart also shared with Famous Birthday that she's admired Zendaya for a long time. Since she's smitten with Holland too she said, "basically I want to be in Spider-Man because they're both in [it] so that would be my dream role."

She's A Bit Of A Germaphobe 

In the YSBnow interview, she admitted that she doesn't like people touching or sharing food with her. She said, "even on set sometimes I'll have to eat in a scene or we all have to share out of one bowl, and I'm like 'does anyone have hand sanitizer?'" A smart move, especially during flu season.

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