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Toilet Paper Shortages In Georgia Stores May Slow With The Help Of This Atlanta Company

You may be experiencing the toilet paper shortages that are sweeping the country. If you've taken a trip to your local Publix, you've probably seen tumbleweeds passing through the paper goods aisle. However, toilet paper shortages in Georgia stores may not be an issue much longer because Georgia-Pacific LLC is acting fast.

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, the Atlanta-based paper products company is taking measures to replenish vacant shelves in grocery stores and markets with the essentials we all need.

Georgia-Pacific has multiple facilities in several U.S. states including Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina and Louisana.

The multi-million dollar company is responsible for creating Quilted Northern and Angel Soft, two of the most popular toilet paper brands.

Since the toilet tissue demand has skyrocketed in the past few weeks as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, GP mills and distribution centers have shipped out 120 percent above normal capacity, according to Fox 5's interview with GP spokesperson, Eric Abercrombie. 

The demand has doubled for tissue paper and has increased tenfold for sanitizing products, but there is apparently no need to worry about shortages.

Eric told Fox 5 that the business is responding quickly to "unexpected consumer demand" and that it's the company's "main priority is to optimize existing inventory and increase production to meet society's needs."

According to a GP source, the average two-person household in the U.S. uses nine double rolls or five mega rolls in a two-week time period.

With lots of people staying home due to social distancing efforts, these numbers may increase.

GP released an official statement earlier this week, March 16, via Twitter addressing the concern around them remaining open and the productivity of their efforts.

They express limiting their facilities to "essential employees, contractors and vendors" who will continue to ship inventory out as quickly as possible.  

While GP also states not having an exact timing for when the surplus inventory will reach specific towns/cities, they make it clear that they will release to retailers first, both stores and online, as they believe these partners are in the best position to get products to consumers more quickly. 

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