Tom Felton recently spent some time in Toronto and we didn't even realize. The Harry Potter alumni posted a hilarious Instagram photo for throwback Thursday yesterday revealing that he's been in Canada. Tom Felton's (Draco Malfoy) Toronto visit made for a perfect Harry Potter throwback. 

Felton, while spending time in Toronto, decided to put on his old robes again. He posted a photo of himself on Instagram wearing Slytherin robes that we have to admit, looked a little small. 

Next to him in the post is a photo hanging on the wall of his childhood self posing in the same Slytherin robe. 

With his thumb pointing at the photo and a disapproving look on his face, Felton made a hilarious ageing joke about himself. 

He captioned the photo, "Agings a bitch." 

Fans and fellow celebs jumped at the opportunity to assure him that he still looked great in the comments.

Tom Fletcher jumped in with a, " You'll always be beautiful to me TF." 

One fan even got a little intense saying, "You’re still so cute I would die for u." 

Some of the Harry Potter cast members even responded to the photo with Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) letting him know he should, "Speak for yourself Lad!" 

Oliver Phelps (George Weasley) just let Felton know how hilarious he thought this was with an emoji, "😂." 

We have to admit despite his hair looking a little darker, and his robes being a little tight, he does still have the charm and cunningness of his younger Harry Potter self. 

Unfortunately, it looks like Felton has already headed out of Toronto and onto his next adventure. He posted a photo of some music he was listening to, which also had his location pegged as Toronto International Airport. 

Here's to hoping we get some more Harry Potter Toronto escapades in the future! 

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