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Tom Green Is Hosting A Random Picnic To Save This Iconic Building In Ottawa

Comedian Tom Green wants to #SaveTheChateauLaurier.
Tom Green Is Hosting A Random Picnic To Save This Iconic Building In Ottawa

Even if you've never been to the city of Ottawa, it's likely that you've seen photos of the stunning Chateau Laurier — it is an iconic Canadian landmark, after all! For some time now, construction on the hotel has been a hot topic of conversation, and not everyone is entirely pleased about it. Tom Green’s Chateau Laurier picnic is happening this weekend and you need to be there.

One of the people who is perhaps most upset by the Chateau Laurier's new design is Canadian comedian, Tom Green. He grew up in the city of Ottawa and spent a lot of his time as a teenager skateboarding around the city, taking in the view of the Laurier and Parliament Hill.

When word came out that the city of Ottawa had approved a seven-story addition to the hotel, Green took it upon himself to use his social media platform as a way to raise awareness about the negative impact this addition may have.

"I just think that there’s a lot of power today in social media. If enough people start to get informed about exactly how this is going to impact the view of our beautiful city, maybe, if there’s enough outcry, maybe people will consider looking at the design again. I don’t think that’s fair to the citizens of this city.”

As a form of protest, the comedian has decided to arrange a sunset picnic in Ottawa on Saturday, July 27 at Major Hill's Park. He's publically invited not only his fans but those who are just as passionate as him about saving the Chateau Laurier to come out and join him from 6:30 p.m. to sunset in hopes of changing the city's mind.

If the protest doesn't work the way Green hopes it will, the $100 million project is supposedly going to get started later this year. According to the project's principal architect, Michael McClelland, the new design, "draws considerable inspiration and details from the Château Laurier, while remaining distinctly of its time and distinguishable from the heritage hotel."

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