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The Cast Of Netflix's 'Too Hot To Handle' Includes Diplo's Canadian Ex-Girlfriend

This show is a hot mix of 'Survivor' and 'Love Island.'
'Too Hot To Handle' Cast

Have you heard the news? A new dating show is coming to Netflix, and it just might be even crazier than Love Is Blind (if that's even possible). This morning, the Too Hot to Handle cast was officially revealed, and people are already going crazy over the contestants.

If you haven't yet heard about the new series, Too Hot to Handle follows 10 singles as they head on the tropical getaway of their dreams while competing to win $100,000. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong!

There's a major catch that none of the contestants see coming: they're not allowed to have any sort of physical relationship with one another, or the prize money pool begins to decrease.

In the trailer that was released this morning, we see that some of the cast members really can't contain themselves, and they choose to hook up regardless of the money they'll lose.

Others decide to play it by the book, and put themselves to the ultimate test of resisting temptation.

Netflix has already found great success this year with reality shows like The Circle and Love Is Blind, so we're hopeful that Too Hot to Handle will bring just as much entertainment to your home. Here's a first look at the show's ultra steamy cast:


Location: Florida, USA

Haley's Instagram page doesn't dish out too many details about her personal life, apart from the fact that she lives in Jackson, Florida, and spends plenty of time at the beach.


Location: London, UK

According to his Instagram page, Kelz is an American football player who hails from London. He appears to do a fair bit of travelling and has visited Portugal, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Stockholm.


Location: Essex, UK

According to Chloe's Instagram, she's the "UK's top model." Like many of her co-stars, she loves to travel and has visited Egypt, Barcelona, and Rome!


Location: Queensland, Australia

According to Harry's Instagram bio, he was "made in a test tube." He also happens to be a 6'5" Australian living in Los Angeles, so I think it's fair to say that he'll be a hit with the ladies.


Location: Georgia, USA

Rhonda's Instagram gives no indication of what she currently does for work, but we do know that she lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and she knows a thing or two about taking selfies!


Location: London, UK

David's Instagram describes him as a movement and nutrition coach, who has founded his own company called Endeavour Life. His rock-hard abs are proof that he spends a lot of time in the gym, when he's not appearing on Netflix dating shows.


Location: Cork, Ireland

Nicole's Instagram also doesn't give away much about her personal life, but it does include a large collection of selfies at fancy restaurants in various countries.


Location: Colorado, USA

Matthew appears to be a jack of all trades. He describes himself as a creative mind, a Christian, an author, and an actor, among other things.


Location: British Columbia, Canada

The only Canadian contestant on this season of Too Hot to Handle is Vancouver's own Francesca Farago. According to The Sun, she's previously been romantically linked to the famous musician Diplo, and is an Instagram travel influencer. Impressive!


Location: New Jersey, USA

On his Instagram, Sharron revealed that he's the former Mr. Pennsylvania 2018, and is also a model. He also recently made an appearance in Fetty Wap's "Fresh and Clean" music video.

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