Netflix's Brand New Dating Show Is A Juicy Mix Of 'Survivor' & 'Love Island'

'Too Hot to Handle' is coming to Netflix this month.
'Too Hot To Handle' On Netflix Is The Juciest Mix Of 'Survivor' & 'Love Island'

Netflix is at it again! The streaming service just released a new trailer for their upcoming series, called Too Hot to Handle. If you were obsessed with Love Is Blind, just wait until you see this.

The new show is very similar in style to Love Island or Bachelor in Paradise. It follows a group of 10 attractive singles from all over the world, who will be spending their summer together in a tropical paradise as they compete to win $100,000 — but, of course, there's a major catch.

You may be picturing all kinds of hookups and romances sparking in Too Hot to Handle, but if the contestants want to keep the prize money pool high, they're not allowed to have any kind of sexual relationship whatsoever. They're not even allowed to kiss!

Every time a contestant slips up, the $100,000 prize becomes lower and lower, leaving the singles to wonder if the sexual gratification is worth losing out on all that cash.

From the looks of the trailer, there are quite a few rule-breakers amongst the group, but at least one contestant makes it clear that he "doesn't want to break the rules," so things could get very interesting.

Too Hot to Handle also features a digital host named Lana who sends messages to the contestants in their homes. "This retreat is to help you gain deeper emotional connections," she can be heard saying.

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According to the Tab, contestants on the show include a Canadian who once dated Diplo, a woman from Essex who finds herself falling for three co-stars, a former semi-pro rugby player from London, and a finalist from America's Next Top Model.

Cast reactions to the news that they can't hook up were absolutely hilarious. "As if some robot is telling me I can't do anything," one woman says.

"It's not easy to go an extended period of time without any sexual release," says another contestant.

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Other shows to look forwards to on Netflix this month include Outer Banks and The Innocence Files, both of which will be released on April 15, and #blackAF, which will be available on April 17.

All eight episodes of Too Hot to Handle are coming to the streaming service on April 17. You can check out the steamy trailer for the new series below.