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Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Producer Already Has Ideas For Season 2

Ready for a second round? The steamy dating series premiered only a week ago but Too Hot To Handle season 2 is already the talk of the town. Producer Louise Peet even says she has her own ideas brewing for a possible series renewal.

The Netflix reality show dropped on April 17 and follows 10 participants who meet on a gorgeous island looking for love and hoping to win a $100,000 grand prize. 

Early into the competition, they found out about the unexpected stipulation that they couldn't perform any sexual acts for the entire four-week stay or the prize money would take a huge hit.

With inspiration from Love Island, Big Brother, and even an episode of Seinfeld, producers spent years polishing the gritty details of what contestants would experience within the eight episodes. 

In an interview with PEOPLE, series producer Louise Peet, executive producer Jonno Richards, and director of development Charlie Bennett were asked about a possible reunion or second season. 

Keeping details tight-lipped, Peet shared, "We have to wait and see [about a reunion]. I have some ideas [for season 2], but I am keeping them top secret for now!"

When speaking about how they decided on the costs of infractions, Peet also referenced an additional season. She said, "a kiss was always $3,000, but maybe in another [season], if another [season] happens, then it could be another amount."

A second season could introduce another fan-fave couple like Vancouver's Francesca Farago and Australian Harry Jowsey. The two immediately took a liking to each other, breaking the no-sex rules multiple times.

The couple confirmed on Instagram yesterday that they are still an item, answering fans' eager curiosity. Earlier today, they even shared that there is talk of wedding bells in their future.

Both stars currently have millions of followers on Instagram, showing how much viewers love their romance. That Instagram fame might just be what got them noticed by producers.

According to E! News, "Many cast members didn't even apply to be on the show" because producers found them on the social media platform. The criteria to be picked was pretty simple: "Sexy, sexed-up and charismatic."

In Big Brother style, they had their phones, books, and any other forms of entertainment taken away so that they could focus on getting to know each other and forming relationships.

Peet even claims that their AI device named Lana took inspiration from Big Brother to let the cast know they were always being watched for inappropriate behaviour.

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Season 2 of Too Hot To Handle hasn't been officially renewed by Netflix, but Oprah Mag claims that if it does happen, expect it in late 2021 or 2022. 

In the meantime, if you love the streaming service's original reality TV series, you can look forward to two more seasons of The Circle and Love is Blind coming next year.  

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