All university and college students living away from home know that tuition and books barely scratch the surface of the school year's list of expenses. Rent, food, transportation, and bar tabs are essential to every post-secondary student's budget, and the average cost of each varies from province to province.

Maclean's Magazine has released their 2018 university rankings, which include Canada's most expensive schools for students who are living on or near campus. 

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Maclean's tallied up the cost of tuition, rent, groceries, food on campus, travelling home, books, alcohol, daily travel and average extracurricular expenses for students at every university in Canada.

Their findings weren't exactly surprising, but will definitely make your jaw drop -  the schools at the top of the list are costing students upwards of $23,000 a year. 

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Here's Maclean's list of the 18 most expensive Canadian universities for students living away from home:

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On the full list, Université de Sherbrooke in Quebec is ranked as the cheapest, at $11,556.36 per year. 

To view the entire list and see how your university stacks up, click here.

Source: Maclean's