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This Travel Company Rated The Top 5 Cities In Canada And The Capital Didn't Make The Cut

Cities were rated based on landmarks, culture, cuisine, friendliness, and shopping.

When you think of all the wonders that Canada has to offer, it is almost impossible to pinpoint one city that could be exceptionally better than another. From the European-style, old-charm of Quebec City, to the cultural pursuits of Montreal, and the excitement and bright city lights of Toronto, how could you possibly pick a favourite?

That said, Travel and Leisure magazine has conducted some research into their readers' favourite cities in Canada, and they’ve compiled a list of the top five cities, as voted for by the people who have visited them. The cities are rated based on a number of criteria, including their sights and landmarks, culture, cuisine, friendliness, shopping, and overall value for money in the city.

Based on the results of their surveys, Travel and Leisure was also able to give each of the top five cities a rating out of 100, reflecting the answers and responses that their readers gave on the above-mentioned criteria. The city coming in at number one scored an impressive 84.49/100, and earned itself a spot in the Travel and Leisure ‘World’s Best Awards’ hall of fame.

It seems, in particular, the Travel and Leisure readers were especially fond of ‘European sensibility,’ ‘beautiful natural wonders,’ and ‘French-influenced cuisine.’ If you haven't figured it out yet, of course, it was Quebec City that took the number one spot, as the best city to visit in Canada.

There were a lot of reasons given by T+L readers to explain why Quebec City was awarded the top spot. One Quebec-lover wrote, “Even in the depths of winter, the city still works its charm on you.” And another added, “With its cobblestone streets, atmospheric cafes, and classic bistros, you’ll feel like you’re in Paris.”

According to T+L, the range of hotels available in Quebec City also appeals to jet-setters, who can book a room at the palace-like Fairmont Le Château Frontenac or the Auberge Saint-Antoine. The website describes these spots as, “The perfect place to drop your bags while exploring the top city in the Great White North.”

The city in second place was chosen by readers because of its “walkable streets, multicultural population, and abundance of natural scenery.” Of course, it's Vancouver! The city was particularly commended for its incredible cuisine, with so many excellent restaurants to choose from. 

Montreal was the city in third place, climbing up a spot after being voted in fourth place in 2018. The city was chosen for its “cultural pursuits (music festivals, opera, museums), charming Old Port, and dynamic restaurant scene.”

Finally, in fourth and fifth place respectively, were Victoria (B.C.) and then Toronto, as Canada’s capital, Ottawa, failed to make the top five.

With so much culture, scenery and fun activities to see and do across the whole of Canada, we think it’s pretty impossible to pick only five cities to visit. However, with its eloquent architecture, cobbled streets and fine dining, it’s not hard to see why Quebec City took the top spot!