It’s almost a new year which means it’s almost time to transform yourself into a brand new you. If you’re looking for a little change in 2020, you might be considering looking for a new job. B.C.’s job market is growing and there are 10 cities in the province that stick out amongst the rest as the top B.C. cities to work in. 

Looking for a new job can be tough because it comes down to a lot more than just the annual salary. 

When considering a new position, you have to think about where the job is located and if it is even possible to live in the city.

You wouldn't want to get stuck living somewhere where the only affordable property was a parking spot. Yes, that's a thing.

To help you out, B.C. Business did all the hard work for you and came up with a list of the 10 best B.C. cities to work in coming into 2020. 

The list was curated through putting 46 communities to the test. To determine the best of the best, experts examined 10 different economic indicators. 

These indicators included the average household income, average household income under 35, income growth, average house cost, spending on recreation, the value of real estate, the average commute to work, five-year population growth, housing stats per 10,000 residents, and unemployment rate. 

Each city collected a total score out of 100 points and was ranked accordingly. 

According to the list, the top place to work in B.C. this coming year is Squamish. While you may be surprised, it is not the first time this city has landed the number one spot. 

According to B.C. Business, this is the second year in a row that Squamish took home the top title. 

The list states that the average household income in Squamish is a whopping $120,897. Even for households under 35, the average income is still impressive at $109,554. 

It isn't all that surprising that Squamish came in at number one. Not only is the city growing job-wise, but it also has tons of stuff to do including some of the most gorgeous beaches and breathtaking waterfalls ever. 

Coming in at number two is Whistler. Unmoved from last year's spot, Whistler remains the number two champion which is impressive. 

Even though it is the number two spot, the average income per household is higher than Squamish at $137,250. 

The complete top 10 list is as follows:

  • Squamish 
  • Whistler 
  • Township of Langley 
  • District of North Vancouver 
  • Kelowna 
  • Fort St. John 
  • Salmon Arm 
  • Nanaimo 
  • Prince Rupert 
  • Courtenay 

Victoria managed to beat out Vancouver by securing the number 19 spot. This is a huge accomplishment considering last year Victoria was at number 36. 

If you look at the list and keep scrolling all the way down to the bottom, you will see Vancouver at number 37.

Falling from last years standing at number 31, Vancouver ranked pretty low out the 46 communities; but coming in dead last is Williams Lake. 

Hopefully, this list will help you make some positive changes to your life this coming year. Worst case, you can always look for positions that pay $100,000 or over

To view the entire list and make your moves accordingly, be sure to visit the B.C. Business website.

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