An important part of owning an animal is making sure what you choose to call them is a perfect fit for their looks and personality, and you usually only get one chance to get it right. Many choose to adopt cats and dogs as loving humans want to give innocent animals a second chance at a good life. If you have a new furry friend, these are the top pet names of 2019 that channel iconic Canadian musicans and even Schitt's Creek characters. 

Every year, Rover releases the list for the United States and though many make an annual comeback, there are also quite a few new ones added.

Interestingly, they wrote that "Keanu" is up 93% for celebrities, so the John Wick star was well-loved this year. 

Luckily, Rover also gave Canada a chance to shine and shared two separate lists of the most popular cat names and dog names in 2019.

They wrote that three new ones based off of Schitt's Creek characters picked up fame this year. David, Johnny, and Stevie are common for dogs and the same three plus Moira and Alexis are big for cats. 

Favoured names for dogs after Canadian musicians are Drake, Cara, Justin, Abel, and Shawn. Cara is likely after Alessia Cara and it "increased in popularity over 700%", and Abel comes from The Weeknd. 

In the sports category, Kawhi, Leonard, and Mitch after Toronto basketball and hockey players gained some fame too. It seems like the Raptors not only won the championship this year but the hearts of dog owners as well.

Finn, after the Stranger Things star, placed #17 on the top male cat names, #25 on the top male dog names, and #21 on the US male dog names. 

According to ET Canada, "Seth Rogen sparked an increase of 500 per cent in both dogs and cats named after the actor".

It was also helped by his role voicing Pumbaa in the 2019 The Lion King remake which got Nala, Timon, and Simba as common ones based on Disney characters.

Rogen also owns an adorable dog he called Zelda.

The top three names for cats in Canada are Bella, Luna, and Nala for girls, and Oliver, Milo, and Charlie for boys.

Canadian dogs are most commonly called Bella, Luna, and Molly if they're female, and Charlie, Max, and Cooper are popular for males. 

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