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Tornados Are Expected To Hit Middle Tennessee Today (March 12)

The Nashville Community has seen some devastating turmoil brought on by Mother Nature this month. Tornados struck pretty hard, taking the lives of many and destroying homes. And unfortunately, a new report indicates tornadoes are expected to return to Middle Tennessee today, March 12.

According to WKRN, severe weather is expected to strike through Middle Tennessee later tonight. There's a potential for hail, strong winds and isolated tornadoes to swoop in, affecting cities including Nashville, Manchester, Hopkinsville, Clarksville and more.

The report states that the threat is a category two and five and "should still be taken seriously for Thursday night into Friday morning." Lots of rain is in the forecast, accompanied by 50 MPH wind gusts and lightning. 

WKRN Chief Meteorologist Danielle Breezy tweeted last night that the tornado threat has increased to medium, especially in Nashville. 

As crushing as tornados can often be, there are ways to prepare and stay safe from their harm.

According to the Metro Government of Nashville & Davidson County, Tennessee, when you are home, you should avoid windows, stay on the lowest floor, in a small center room (a bathroom or closet), under a stairwell, in an interior hallway without windows, or even in a bathtub.

Experts say that if you should find yourself in this scenario, it is safest to crouch low to the ground (face down), cover your head with your hands and cover your body with some sort of thick padding — in case debris falls or the roof collapses. 

You can check out the official website for more tips on staying safe at schools, workplaces, outdoors and while driving. 

Recovery efforts for the storms from March 2 and 3 are still going strong. Communities have come together, celebrities included, to provide relief support and financial aid.

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