Canada is in the process of legalizing marijuana for recreational use later this year, but some would like to see other drugs get a similar treatment.

In recent weeks the public boards of health in both Toronto and Montreal have said that they would like to see all drugs decimalized.

And now that both of Canada’s biggest cities have called for it it’s caused the government to have to state an official response. 

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And bad news if you’re working for one of these boards of health. It’s not happening according to a spokesperson for the Health Minister of Canada.

The spokesperson says that government is not looking at decriminalizing or legalizing any drugs except marijuana.

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Decriminalization and legalization may sound similar but, they are different. Decriminalization means that people would not be charged for doing the drugs, but there would be no legal stores selling them to people.

That’s different from legalization were stores will be opened across the country to sell Marijuana when it’s legal.

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The reason both public boards of health would like to see all drugs decriminalized is that they believe that drug abuse should be treated as a public health issue instead of a criminal one.

Nearly 4,000 Canadian’s died of opioid overdoses in 2017 alone, 303 of these deaths were in Toronto.

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Montreal saw 140 people die from opioids in just over a year.

So, all currently illicit drugs except Marijuana are still going to be 100 per cent illegal for the foreseeable future. 

Source: 680 News