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These 2 Canadian Cities Are Among The Best In The World For Women Entrepreneurs

Both cities are considered to have great programs that help foster growth for women in business.

Canada is constantly working towards closing the gender gap across the country. While a majority of cities within the country continue to push for equality, some cities are doing better than others. A new study reveals that two Canadian cities are considered some of the best cities in the world for women entrepreneurs.

The study by Dell Technologies ranked fifty cities around the world according to their ability to foster growth for women entrepreneurs.  The cities are ranked based off their local policies, programs and national laws that affect women entrepreneurs in each location. 

According to a study done earlier this year, Canada is ranked as the third-best country in the world for quality of life for women, so it comes as no surprise that some Canadian cities would make it on this list when it comes to helping women participate in the business world. 

According to Dell Technologies, both Toronto and Vancouver are considered some of the best cities in the world for a woman entrepreneur to grow her business and ideas. The city of Toronto ranked as the 9th best city in the world, while Vancouver was close behind, ranking the 11th best city for women entrepreneurs. 

This means that both Toronto and Vancouver have multiple programs put in place to support women entrepreneurs throughout the city and allow them to stand out. 

In Toronto, these are programs such as MaRS's science, technology, and social entrepreneur incubators put in place that allow networking between groups of women to help balance the gender gap of Toronto's CEOs. It's these programs that help support women in business are massive components that help separate these two cities from the rest of the world. 

While Toronto and Vancouver both ranked in the top 20 of the list, there were a few other cities in the world that are considered to be some of the best places for women entrepreneurs. 

According to the study, The San Francisco Bay Area is the top place in the world for women in business to prosper. Following closely behind were New York and London.

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