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Toronto Coffee Shop That Campaigns To Have Celebs Visit During TIFF Is Closing

Should we get Tom Hanks on the phone?
Toronto Coffee Shop Grinder Closing

When someone starts off a speech, or in 2019 an Instagram caption with, "All good things must come to an end" it's never good news. Over the last couple of weeks, you may have come to know and love the Toronto coffee shop Grinder. Unfortunately, a few short weeks with the celeb campaigning business is all we're going to get. Grinder announced they'll be closing their doors on October 27. 

Grinder has been living in its neighbourhood on Gerrard Street East now for quite a few years. Although they've picked up a lot of traction for their celeb campaigns during TIFF, the owner announced that they were unable to get their lease renewed after having been in negotiations since earlier this year. It's an emotional time when something comes to an end and the Instagram announcement penned by owner Joelle is nothing but emotional. 

The coffee shopès account posted a photo of their mug featuring the Grinder logo and the outline of a kiss. They started off the caption by saying: 

"All good things must come to an end. It is with great sadness that I must announce the Grinder Coffee’s last day will be Sunday, October 27, 2019. No amount of press or success makes us immune from the perils of small business ownership including the cost of leased business premises."

Grinder, who described themselves on Facebook as having "Damn good coffee! With warm heart and soul", continued by thanking the customers they've entertained over the last five years, "Thank you to everyone who has supported us. Many of you have become more than just regulars. You have become our friends." They're also still urging customers to visit the coffee shop until October 27 because they'd love to bid farewell in person. 

The coffee shop became a Toronto staple back when they campaigned for fellow Canadian Ryan Gosling to pay them a visit during TIFF. Their campaign worked and Gosling along with a whole lot of press made their way over to the coffee shop. 

This year, Grinder set their eyes on none other than Tom Hanks. With just a $100 dollar budget, the coffee shop owner came up with some pretty creative ways to get the Hollywood actor to stop by. After purchasing a cardboard cutout of Hanks, it was photographed across the city with fun little captions urging Hanks to make his way over. It worked! 

While these celeb visits definitely put them on Torontonians' maps, Joelle let the public know that "No amount of press or success makes us immune from the perils of small business ownership." Joelle also told CTV that what she's learned from this experience is that "Something really needs to be looked at for the commercial sector for the smallest businesses that are the backbone of our main streets" and we couldn't agree more! 

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