People from outside of Canada love to poke fun at the love that we have for winter sports, but if we're being realistic, they're really not exaggerating - Canadians love hockey. Although we have far fewer NHL teams than the U.S. does, fans of those Canadian teams love to cheer loud and proud, rooting on their boys for better and for worse. When you go to an NHL game, it's not uncommon to run into people you know, but if you happen to be really lucky, you might also run into a celebrity! The Toronto Maple Leafs celebrity fans cheered on the team at last night's game.

Last night, the Leafs took on the Washington Capitals at Toronto's own Scotiabank Arena. The game was super intense, and went into overtime with a score of 3-3, only for the Capitals to score the final goal and take the win for the night.

Despite the Leaf's unfortunate loss, they had some very special Canadian guests in the building, cheering them on all the way until the final goal was scored. Lead singer of The Arkells, Max Kerman, was in the crowd, as well as actor Will Arnett, and Olympic swimmer, Penny Oleksiak.

All the celebs took time to pose for a quick photo, which has posted to the team's official IG page last night. The stars seemed happy to show the world that they're supporting the Leafs this season.

Kerman, Arnett, and Oleksiak aren't the only celebrities who have made appearances at Maple Leafs games as of late. Justin Bieber took his father on a "dad and son date" to the Leafs game that went down last Friday night, and lucky for the superfan, the team actually won that game!

This year's NHL season is just kicking off, so if you haven't made it to a game yet, you'll have plenty of opportunities to see the Leafs (or any of your favourite teams) in action before playoffs season hits.

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