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Toronto Maple Leafs Set To Actually Win Their Legal Battle Against Snoop Dogg According To Law Experts

Toronto Maples Leafs actually have a solid case against Snoop Dogg and his new weed company.
Toronto Maple Leafs Set To Actually Win Their Legal Battle Against Snoop Dogg According To Law Experts

According to some Canadian property law experts, the Toronto Maple Leafs are set to actually win their legal battle against Snoop Dogg and his new weed company. The case was filed in trademark offices by the Maples Leafs. They say that the logo of Snoop's new cannabis company infringes on their trademarked sports logo. 

The filing says that the logo for Snoop's company, Canopy Growth Corp. echoes the Maple Leafs logo by featuring white text inside a leaf shape. They also say that the specific design of the leaf with three segments is similar to theirs. On top of that, there is the use of the iconic and grammatically incorrect "leafs" in Snoop's logo. 

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Despite this Canadians are actually siding with Snoop Dogg in the case, simply based on the fact that when you put the logos side by side they are completely different. For starters, the Maple Leaf's logo is dark blue while the Leafs by Snoop logo is gold. Beyond that, the logos also have completely different leaf shapes, especially since Snoop's is a cannabis leaf, not a maple leaf. 

According to the Lawyers who have looked at the case though, it's not about putting two logo side by side, but it's actually about whether or not the new logo will make people think about the Maple Leafs. 

Toronto Maple Leafs, Snoop Dogg in legal fight over cannabis brand

February 3, 2019

One lawyer, Robert Fashler, wasn't 100% if the Maple Leafs would win here but they definitely have a solid case. He told the Vancouver Courier, “I don’t know if it’s a winning case, but it’s not a frivolous case.”

In order to win their trademark case against Snoop, there are two main steps the Maple Leafs will have to accomplish, and the first one is something Lawyers think they'll have no problem with. 

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First, the Maple Leafs will have to prove that they are well established and recognizable across Canada. As one of our only NHL hockey teams and one that's been around since 1917, it's safe to say the Leafs will have no problem proving they're well known and established. 

The second step is where the Leafs could face a bit of a challenge. They have to prove through testimonies and surveys that the logos could lead to confusion or association. Basically, they have to prove that people will think of them when they look at the Leafs By Snoop logo. One law expert, Trisha Dore also told the Courier she thinks the chances for this confusion in the marketplace are high. 

If the Maple Leafs are successful in their trademark case then Leafs by Snoop will be able to continue to operate but won't have a trademark to their brand or logo meaning other people could also use it. If the Maple Leafs want the logo and brand to go away completely, they will need to file an official lawsuit in the federal court. 

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