For the first time in their history, the Toronto Raptors 2019 Training camp will be held in Quebec City. Not only will this be the first training camp held by the Raptors in the province of Quebec, but it will also be the first opportunity the team has had to visit Quebec City itself.

This is particularly exciting news for Raptors fans in Quebec and beyond, as an open practice is scheduled for October 3,  during which fans will be able to watch the much-loved team in action.

Speaking of the training camp, Head Coach Nick Nurse, said, “As Canada’s team, we felt it was important to go out and visit somewhere we’ve never been before.”

The training camp is scheduled to be held at Laval University in Quebec City, where fans in the province will be offered a ‘sneak preview’ of the team, prior to the upcoming season. The camp also provides opportunities for young basketball hopefuls in the area to spend time with the Raptors Basketball Development staff, who will give them sound advice and skills for the future.

There will also be a chance for local coaches to experience and participate in an official NBA team practice, where they are able to learn techniques and tactics to take back to their own teams. 

According to reports, the team is expected to hold a media day in Toronto on Saturday, September 28, before heading to Quebec City where they will hold closed practices between September 29- October 2.

On Thursday, October 3, an open practice is scheduled, at the Amphithéâtre Desjardins-Université Laval, located on the university campus. Fans will be able to attend the open practice and see what goes on behind-the-scenes with their favourite team. Official details on how to get hold of tickets for the practice are set to be revealed later this summer.

The Laval University Athletic Director, Julie Dionne, spoke of their excitement to host the Raptors, saying, “For the advancement of basketball in Quebec City, it is extraordinary that the Toronto Raptors will come to play in our high-quality facilities, which will benefit from this important showcase. We cannot wait to welcome the entire organization here!”

This will only be the 12th time that the Raptors have left Ontario to hold their training camp, after being hosted in the past by Vancouver, Victoria, Halifax, and even as far as New York and Italy. After the training camp has been completed, the team will head to Tokyo, Japan, to face the Houston Rockets in the NBA Japan Games 2019.

Speaking ahead of the camp, Nick Nurse said, “We’re really looking forward to taking advantage of the excellent facilities at Laval, which we know is one of Canada’s great sporting schools, and soaking in the incredible old-world atmosphere of Quebec.”