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This Canadian Farm Just Made An Entire 6-Acre Corn Maze About The Toronto Raptors

The maze is a whopping 6-acres in size!
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This Canadian Farm Just Made An Entire 6-Acre Corn Maze About The Toronto Raptors

As fall-vibes hit Canada and the NBA 2019/2020 season draws nearer, the historic Toronto Raptors Championship win of the 2018/2019 season almost feels like a distant memory. However, one farm in New Brunswick is making sure that Canadians nationwide remember exactly how good it felt to win the championship, by dedicating a massive Toronto Raptors corn maze on their property to the 2019 Toronto team.

Hunter Brothers Farm is a family-run sweet corn and vegetable farm, located in Florenceville, New Brunswick, on the banks of the St. John River. The farm has actually been part of the area’s landscape since 1978, but the family have only been creating these incredible mazes in more recent years.

In a tweet on Thursday afternoon, the farm shared an incredible video of their latest corn maze, a huge tribute to the Toronto Raptors 2019 Championship win! In their original post, the Hunter Brothers Farm wrote, “We present to you, the 2019 NBA Champions, the TORONTO RAPTORS!!!” Adding the famous Raptors slogan, “#WeTheNorth.”

The farm’s incredible tribute to the 2019 NBA Champions features an image of the iconic Raptor dinosaur logo, with a full-court behind him and a basketball in-hand. If this was not the coolest thing ever already, the farm also managed to add the words “We The North” into the corn maze, making it one of the best Raptors tributes of all time!

According to the Hunter Brothers Farm website, the “slam dunk corn maze” is created across 6-acres, and is the latest in their ‘celebration of Canadian sports.” While the family has been designing corn mazes annually for 19 years, only seven of their corn mazes have been dedicated to sports.

That said, in 2016 the Hunter Brothers Farm dedicated their corn maze to the Toronto Maple Leafs, to celebrate the hockey team’s 100th season.

The best thing about the amazing Raptors-themed corn maze is that you can actually go and visit it! The farm’s website states that the maze is open to visitors from September 7 (Saturday) through until October 27, giving anyone in the area or passing through ample opportunity to stop in and take a look at their corn-based masterpiece!

Hunter Brothers Farm explains that the Toronto Raptors corn maze is made up from many large paths. The objective is to find and answer all the trivia questions related to their theme that are hidden throughout the maze, while navigating your way to the exit! Sounds like fun, eh?!

Prices for visitors start at just $12.95/person + HST, with cheaper offers for children and elderly people. Full information, opening hours and prices can be found here.

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