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If you're lucky painfully awkward moments are far and few between. The awful truth is that most of us are socially inept in certain circumstances and that can lead to a lot of uncomfortable situations.

Even though the people of Toronto are a lot cooler and calmer than most, Torontonians are not immune to awkward moments, in fact, you are probably familiar with a few of these common, painstakingly, awkward moments like asking James Franco if he knows where the nearest Tim Hortons is during Tiff or maybe you finally had to admit you're rooting for a new NHL team. Don't worry, we're all in this together.

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1. When You Have To Admit You Aren't A Leafs Fan

Living in Toronto there are certain things that are just expected of you, one of those things is being a dedicated Leafs fan but when you finally tell your friends that maybe you want to root for a different team, expect sweaty palms and looks of deep betrayal.

2. Coming Face-to-Face With Fundraisers on The Street

Sometimes you just cannot escape coming face-to-face with "Because I am a Girl" and when you quickly panic in the search for an excuse as to why you cannot donate you come up with something super lame and/or unbelievable... "I, uh, can't, I, uhm, my dog needs a liver transplant" *runs away*

3. Having to Attend a Meeting At A coffee Shop When You Hate Coffee

What is with the people of Toronto and having important meetings in coffee shops? When you're trying to score a new job or promotion and your mentor says "absolutely, let's grab coffee" and your insides die a little. It gets really awkward when your boss wants to order your coffee for you or even worse- you get there and they've already bought your coffee....

4. When People Talk About How Great Of A School U of T Is Assuming You Go There, But You Don't

"Oh you live in Toronto? I've heard wonderful things about their University, its rated very high across Canada, you're very lucky to have access to such a great school" All true, but I go to York, so.....

5. Having Terrible Balance On A Packed Rush Hour Street Car

This is especially awkward when you have 18 bags on you and no one wants to lend you a bar to hold on to. Special shout out to that other awkward moment when you slightly panic in fear that you're going to miss your stop because of blocked doors and everyone is looking at you like 'calm the fuck down, we'll let you off"

6. When Your Friends Ask Where In Toronto You're From, But You're From Mississauga

Okay fine, Mississauga isn't in Toronto and you know you should be ashamed of yourself but must everyone look at you like you just told them their first born child is ugly?

7. When There Is No Room For You On The Subway

That moment of debate that you have with yourself about whether or not to try to squeeze on or just let the doors shamefully close in your face has to be one of the worst feelings in the world.

8. When Your Friends Ask You What Kind Of Sushi You Like & You're Like, "the edible kind?"

Sorry if your sushi knowledge is not on the level of other Torontonians. Sushi is like a religion here, it's slightly frightening.

9. Not Recognizing/Being Rude To/Asking for directions from a Celebrity in the city during Tiff

Tiff brings all the stars to Toronto, stars with different levels of recognizability. Sometimes you just don't know what Brad Pitt is going to look like with sunglasses and a ponytail or you just don't know or give a fuck about who Adam Driver is.

10. Bumping Into Someone You Matched With On Tinder

Before you even download the Tinder app to your phone there should be a massive warning with fireworks and loud music that warns about the possibility of this happening.

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