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10 Back To School Events In Toronto To Enjoy Before Midterms Arrive

Class is about to be in session across Toronto, and before you hit the books you might as well hit the dance floor for possibly one last time. And although many frosh events within schools might be top secret and limited, there are also some that are open to students of different schools. 

With a cool array of different frosh parties happening across the city, there's going to be a party for you! So apart from attending your own frosh, here are a few spots that you need to hit before you tap into that hibernation study mood. Cheers to a lit semester!

via @torontosveryownlifestyle

1. Frosh Night 2017 (Sept. 08) @ Fiction Nightclub // 180 Pearl St.

This is going to be the biggest Frosh event in tomorrow and pretty much every major university and college is attending. Be there or be square!

via @cantbeatthepete

2. Frosh 2.0 (Sept. 15th) @ Fiction Nightclub // 180 Pearl St.

If you end up missing Frosh Night 2017, this is your redemption. Expect the same atmosphere and vibe and don't forget to make new friends.

via @skatesdsocial

3. 90s Roller Jam (Sept. 7th) @ Ryerson Lake Devo // 350 Victoria St.

Ryerson transforms the area around their beloved Lake Devo into a roller rink! Make it a retro start to the school year and brush up on your roller blading skills.

via @timenightclub.ocpromoter

4. Frosh Night 2017 Party Buses (Sept. 8th) // Various Campuses 

Want to party on the way to the biggest frosh event of the season?! Well you can with ease with party bus options available from almost every major college and university campus in Toronto!

via @freshcutdemayor

5. Wuk U - Back To School Edition (Sept. 9th) @ Boss Club // 10 Esna Park Dr., Markham

Get back to school in a groovy mood with Wuk U! A soca and dancehall themed college party featuring some of the best sounds from the Caribbean! You'll be starting your semester in vacation mode.

via @marapatterson

6. Frosh Mayhem (Sept. 22nd) @ Fiction Nightclub // 180 Pearl St.

This one is gonna be tons of mayhem! This frosh party happens well into the semester and only some will survive to make it to this frosh party without getting swamped in books and assignments.

via @iranianryerson

7. Back to School Party (Sept. 8th) @ Avenue Nightclub // 2800 Hwy 7 W, Vaughan

This cultural back to school party features the best in Persian, Top 40, EDM and more! Dance off your case of the summer blues and be sure to get back to the books the following Monday!

via @toryrtr

8. Frosh Traffic Light Party (Sept. 29th) @ Fiction Nightclub // 180 Pearl St.

The final frosh party happening in Toronto, with invites extended to all colleges and universities in and around the city, it features a unique twist! Wear the colour according to your relationship status.

via @utmsuorientation

9. Sauga Fest (Sept. 5th - 8th) @ University of Toronto Mississauga // 3359 Mississauga Rd.

For anyone in Mississauga that can't make it out to any of the downtown events, University of Toronto's Mississauga campus is hosting Sauga Fest! It's a free four day festival featuring free events, activities, live music and more!

via @ryesu

10. House Party (Sept. 8th) @ Ryerson Lake Devo // 350 Victoria St.

Ryerson University is ending their frosh week off with a big bang! Their house party event happening near Lake Devo in the Ryerson courtyard won't be anything like your ordinary house party.

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