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10 Delicious Fall Drinks To Embrace Your Inner Basic In Toronto

Falling for fall never tasted so good.
10 Delicious Fall Drinks To Embrace Your Inner Basic In Toronto

Nothing says fall like a nice, warm cup of coffee. Now that the weather is getting slightly more chilly, and the trees are getting slightly more colourful, it's time to break out of that iced coffee craze and open our arms to the warm hugs of fall in every sip of a seasonal fall drink. And I know what might be on everyone's mind but I reassure you that there is more to fall than Starbucks' super basic (but nonetheless super classic ) pumpkin spice latte.

No judgement if you do enjoy a nice cup of PSL but for all you coffee lovers who are up for the challenge of embracing all that is fall in one cup, here are just a few fall beverage choices that will definitely have you falling for this season:

Salted Caramel Latte// Balzacs Coffee Roasters 

This salty and sweet beverage is available all year long and it never fails to be a crowd pleaser. There's no mistaking the warmth of the coffee itself sweetened with caramel syrup and heightened with that dash of salt to bring the drink to new heights. It's a classic fall drink that can be served both warm and cold, but nonetheless reminds you with every sip that fall is indeed here.

Chai Latte// Manic Coffee

This spicy tea latte will spice up this fall season and warm your insides with its unique taste unique from any other fall drink. Whether you want to study in a homey cafe or just drink your spicy drink with some good vibes, grab one at Manic Coffee along College and enjoy!

Cinnamon Maple Latte// Neo Coffee Bar

Nothing explains a Canadian fall season like the sweet combination of cinnamon and maple. This not so common drink is available at the Neo Coffee Bar known for its minimalistic environment and even cuter latte art. Grab a cinnamon maple latte and be prepared to immerse yourself in the Canadian fall season you can't get anywhere else.

The Quantum Plank// Quantum Coffee

Creme brulee, anyone? Check out Quantum Coffee if you're ever along King and Spadina and grab this fall flavoured drink in homage of the delicious french pastry that is creme brule. It's the right balance between bitter and sweet, and is blow torched on the surface for that creme brulee effect. Talk about the perfect drink to accompany a slice of pumpkin pie!

Cortado// The Coffee Bar Inc. 

This velvety latte will bring you onto the streets of Spain this fall. This intense Spanish latte is a fan fave of The Coffee Bar and is warm and decadent enough to leave you feeling nice and cozy this Autumn.

Cranberry Ginger Apple Cider// Dark Horse Espresso Bar

Apple cider is definitely a fall drink everyone has to try this fall season! This seasonal drink at the Dark Horse Espresso Bar on Queen St. is sure to bring you memories of autumn apple picking with your family as a kid. The hints of cranberry step up your traditional apple cider with sweet and tart notes that fans of this drink continue to rave about.

London Fog// Aroma Espresso Bar

This available all-year warm beverage is another tea latte that is sure to hug your soul during the fall season. The smokiness of the frothy earl grey tea leaves transports you to the streets of London, and is the perfect drink to transition between autumn and winter.

Spiced Butternut Sour// La Carnita

Oh yeah, you heard right. The new fall season doesn't necessarily have to mean the end to your favourite cocktails. Take a sip of this vegan fall sour and enjoy this unique sip of the fall season.

Smore's Latte// Versus Coffee

Do you remember camping under the stars with your friends during those fall nights where the leaves would crunch under your back and the wind would nip the tips of your toes? Well, if you're like your typical youth nowadays then you probably haven't. But fear not because all these nonexistent memories will make you feel like you did!

Spiced Sweet Potato Latte// Sweet Jesus

Oh yeah, Sweet Jesus does more than just insane cones--- they do fall drinks too! Satisfy your sweet tooth with Jesus himself here at this ice cream shop that has gotten everyone talking.

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