Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in Toronto drinks coffee. With greater health benefits than coffee and comparable amounts of caffeine, many are making the switch from the beans to the leaves. One popular form of tea, which is similar to espresso based coffee drinks, are tea lattes. From chai to matcha to even fruity teas, some of Toronto's prime espresso bars actually make mean tea lattes. Read on to find out where you can get yours.

1. Moonbean Cafe // 30 St. Andrew St

Try: London Fog

2. Cafe Con Leche // 1571 Dupont St

Try: Iced Chai Tea (with or without milk)

Photo Cred - @geewebster

3. Tsaa Tea Shop // 412 Danforth Ave

Try: London Fog

4. Merryberry Cafe // 559 Parliament St

Try: Mumbai Fog

5. Neo Coffee Bar // 161 Frederick St

Try: Matcha Latte

6. ODIN // 514 King St W

Try: Unsweetened Chai Latte

7. Balzac's // multiple locations

Try: Parisian Mist

Photo Cred - @sarahmylee.88

8. Early Bird Espresso // 613 Queen St W

Try: Almond Milk Chai Latte

9. Mos Mos Coffee // Commerce Court

Try: Mango Chai Latte

10. Roselle // 362 King St

Try: London Fog Cone (Cream of Earl Grey soft-serve mixed with Madagascar Vanilla)

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