It's trendy, it's delicious, and it’s all over your city waiting for you to try it. That’s right, craft beer spots are popping up all over the city, or have been here anxiously anticipating your arrival for years, hidden amongst Toronto’s other gems.

Unsure what to expect? Good, let its flavours shock your taste buds. But don’t be fooled, there are definitely the BEST spots to go in Toronto, and we’re here to deliver. We wouldn’t lead you wrong.

Photo cred- @andtru_richmond

1. Bar Volo // 587 Yonge St.

Excellence is paired in both food and beer, complimented by a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re just looking to relax with a beer after work, or make it a more formal night out, Bar Volo is the right spot for you.

Photo cred- @wdwip

2. Handlebar // 159 Augusta Ave.

If variety is what you’re searching for, look no futher. Handle Bar offers a large variety of drinks, specifically hosting local craft beer for its patrons. Home is where the hops is!

Photo cred- @kidmechan0

3. Beerbistro // 18 King St. E

You don’t know beer until you’ve been to Beerbistro. Fine dining in a classy establishment with some of the best beer you will taste.

Photo cred- @brewhaikus

4. Tallboys Craft Beer House // 838 Bloor St. W

Tallboys is well known in Toronto for craft beer. Sit down, relax, and enjoy a cold one. Exotic beer has a special home here that you can’t miss!

Photo cred- @bellwoodsbeer

5. Bellwoods Brewery // 124 Ossington Ave.

Each beer served compliments your palate exquisitely. Nestled in a much-loved area of the city, you won’t want to pass up their beverage offerings in both convenience and allure.

Photo cred- @k.manzano

6. C'est What? // 67 Front St. E

Say what? C’est What! If you’re looking for a inimitable drinking experience, this is where you want to be. Exceptional and unique beers alongside delicious food makes for a great outing.

Photo cred- @molskel

7. Indie Ale House // 2876 Dundas St. W

An intimate brewpub concocting the finest of craft beers that invite you in to stay a while. You won’t want to leave once you get settled in, beer and eats alike, so you’ll be sure to make visits here a habit.

Photo cred- @eunsool_

8. Amsterdam BrewHouse // 245 Queens Quay W

Craft beer makes a name for itself at Amsterdam BrewHouse. Whether you feel like a free tour at the brewery, or a sit-down experience with some refreshments, either choice will lead to your happiness.

Photo cred- @stinkfooty

9. Junction Craft Brewing // 90 Cawthra Ave.

You absolutely cannot miss the chance for a visit to Junction. You’re in good hands here, with amazing service and quality drinks. You will most definitely find the perfect beer for you, and flavours you never knew you were missing. Cheers!

Photo cred- @jacquelineschiu

10. Bar Hop // 391 King St. W OR 137 Peter St.

With two locations, there will always be a seat for you. Boasting some of Toronto’s best craft beer, its easy to see why people keep going again and again. You’ll find yourself coming back for awesome pub food as well, which can’t be missed.

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