10 Cheapest Bars For Beer In Toronto

Because I have no money and all I want is beer.

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Who doesn't love the smell of stale beer and depleting OSAP funds? The two go hand and hand. Budgeting is for the weak and sober. And besides, everybody knows college funds, are at best a large sum of money that should be spent on all things not educational.

So friends, if you like your beer with a side of poverty then you've come to the right place.

Here is the less affluent guide to beer guzzling in Toronto.

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Einstein Cafe & Pub

229 College Street

Einstein's is a place where you go for a drink with a man named Ted and you swap stories about all that hitchhiking you did back in 67'. That may or may not be true. This is an operating dive bar, students line the walls and their dreams hang in the air. Greasy cheap food, not recommended for dates or people over the age of 30. $10 Pitcher. Simple as dat.

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434 College Street

Nirvana brings people together. The decor is eclectic yet somehow manages to gel. Similar to the clientele, people from all walks of life gather here, and they too, like the drapes & the lamps seem to, get along. Oh and it's cheap cheap cheap. Like all around cheapness.

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Crown and Tiger

414 College Street

Where does one begin when discussing the Crown and Tiger? Does one begin at the beginning? Or does one start at the end? Sleazy and sketchiness are welcomed here. You have been warned. Oh, and they have buckets of beer (4 per bucket) only $14. $10 pitchers. Into it.

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Green Room

296 Brunswick

This place is a must. If you live in the city you need to go here at some point. Especially the younger folk. It's loud as fuck but there are good times to be had. The atmosphere is dark and provoking (what does that even mean!?) aaaaaaand $4 pints. $4 pints. $4 pints.

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Java House

537 Queen Street West

Even the food is cheap here. And they have a surprisingly large selection of dishes. From pad thai to guacamole- ah I digress, this is about CHEAP BEER. Which they conveniently have. Java House only takes cash because she's a lady who likes to make things difficult. Although we forgive her, because here pitcher's only cost $11. S’alright.

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Dog's Bollocks

817 Queen Street West

More of a sports bar. Be prepared to encounter at least a couple of dudes talking too loudly and shoving their opinions down everyone else's throats. But bullshit aside, they have some pretty serious specials going on. Actually, they have a different “cheap” drink special erry day of the week.

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W Burger Bar

10 College Street

This place is a little unsuspecting in it's cheapness. From the decor and ambiance, one wouldn't gather such a place is know for its cheap beer and drinks. A sit down burger joint with boozey milkshakes, this place is a lot of things to a lot of people. But all the smart people know they have $2.50 shots and $10 pitchers, wadddup.

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The Brunswick House

481 Bloor Street West

This is a place for students. If you are a student, run here. If you're not a student, keep your distance. Most students like cheap things and drinking things like beer. This is the perfect place for them. $9 mini pitcher and $3.50 tequila shots on Thursdays. Ya know, if you’re into that.

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O'Grady's Tap & Grill on College

171 College Street

This place is a little under the radar but really should be on everyone's radar. Even the well-to-do need a cheap beer every now and again. Don't they? They probably don't. However, that doesn't mean you and I can't take advantage of everything that's happening at O'Grady's! $4 Martini’s and $3 bar rail on Thursdays. Oh, and the standard $10 pitcher.

Wide Open

139 Spadina

Contrary to the name, the space is anything but wide. Instead, think extremely narrow and cramped. If you don't mind drinking cheap beer on a stranger's lap than boy is this the place for you! $2.75 drinks between 5-8pm on Thursdays. Yeaaaa, really.