10 Date Ideas Besides Netflix And Chill On Ryerson Campus

It ain't all about Netflix and chill.
10 Date Ideas Besides Netflix And Chill On Ryerson Campus

So it's a month into the semester and you've met someone at Rye who tickles your fancy. You want to see them outside of class or you've already seen them outside of class and you're clueless about where you should take them on a date. We're all broke students tryna make it through this world and we get it. There's no need to spend a gazillion dollars on a date (unless you have a gazillion dollars). Here are some cute and cheap date ideas to go on around Rye High.

1. Enjoy the sun in the Quad

Who says you have to spend an absurd amount of money on a date? Make it simple and have a little picnic out in the Quad. All you need is a nice little blanket and some picnic eats (which you could probably find at Metro).

2. Have coffee at Balzac's or Panera

A little classier than Tim Hortons and a little more hipster than Starbucks. Just try not to spill coffee on your date.

Photo cred – Jessica Lam

3. Watch the lights of the Image Arts building change at Lake Devo

In the winter you can even skate here. So romantic.

4. Enjoy the sights and sounds at Yonge-Dundas Square

There's always something happening at Dundas Square. Even if there isn't really anything happening, there's still something happening. That's Dundas Square, yo.

5. Watch a movie at the AMC Theatre

Yeah, you could always watch a movie on your laptop in the comfort of your own room. But this'll keep you from the dangers of Netflix and chill. Just kidding. Get outside for once!

Photo cred – Jessica Lam

6. Grab some affordable eats around campus

Ain't nobody got enough OSAP money to spend on King Street eats. Burrito Boyz (guac is free!) or Banh Mi Boys are great options.

Photo cred – Jessica Lam

7. Sip on bubble tea at Chatime

If you're ever going to take a date for bubble tea, always take them to Chatime. You can't risk taking them to crappy places with crappy bubble tea. That just won't do. We now have two locations by Ryerson: Bay/Dundas and Yonge/College.

Photo cred – Jessica Lam

8. Stare at the Toronto sign at Nathan Phillips Square

Take your date to the upper level area of NPS and get a wide view of the Square. It's a beautiful sight (especially at nighttime) and you can bond over taking #InstaWorthy pics together. Cuties.

Photo cred – Jessica Lam

9. Take them to a Rams game

Support our fellow Rams while enjoying a night out with your date. (It's not like you'll be able to afford seeing the Jays in the playoffs anytime soon.)

Photo cred – Jessica Lam

10. Have a study date at the SLC

You don't always have to be doing something extravagant or out there for it to be a date. We've all got midterms and exams to study for, so why not book a room at the SLC and have a one-on-one study sesh? Just remember to keep it PG-13, friends.