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10 Differences Between Canada And The United States

Same same but different.

Dear America,

The world may not be able to tell us apart, but let’s face it, we’re the #samesamebutdifferent. We look the same, we listen to the same music, we eat the same food and we even love the same sports. It’s nice to celebrate the similarities between Canadians and Americans, but let's face it... we both have our differences and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, it's time we celebrated our differences!

So what makes us truly different than our Southern neighbours?

1. Canada accepts the penny is worthless

In 2013, Canadians’ wallets got lighter, purses got neater, and the expression “a penny for your thoughts” became fleeting. Canada joined other parts of the world in accepting that the production costs of the penny outweighed its actual value, and retired the 'lil guy (get the full story at Mint.ca). The penny is gone, but there’s a resurgence for the demand of rounding.

2. Canadians have poutine

While it's no surprise that Americans have a larger appetite than we do, it is a mystery why they haven't incorporated poutine as part of their diet. I mean poutine > cheese fries any day right?

3. All Canadian national parks are free


We’re having a birfday- one of those monumental looking ones. Our 150th birthday party will be held at all national parks across the country for the ENTIRE YEAR. Visit Parks Canada to see all of the parks and start planning your 2017 road trip!

P.s. Parks Canada proudly runs on a .CA domain. Did you know that a portion of .CA domain registration fees go towards funding innovative projects to support the Canadian Internet community? Just by registering a .CA, you’re helping build a better online Canada. What an awesome way to show off our Canadian pride!

4. Canadians join the world in the metric system

When you go to the States and they make you feel bad for the way you measure things…YOU ARE THE ODDBALL, join the rest of us in making measurement universal and gas prices make sense.

5. Canada loves that it’s a land of immigrants

via @fathibashe

One of the best ways of showing our Canadian pride is through our #WelcomeRefugees campaign. Our government and population are diverse, and we want to continue the trend.

The .CA domain is 100% Canadian and is reserved for Canadians only – this includes immigrants and refugees as long as they have a permanent resident card.

6. Canada has 2 official languages

Canada actually has two official languages, our southern neighbours don’t. Which means that we have two different ways of saying what we're really feeling. This also means that many of our websites are in both languages.

If you're thinking of setting up a website, why not use a .CA domain instead? You can even register .CA domain name with accented characters like é, â, ç, ï, and many more. Register your website in both official languages and join the Canadian community!

7. Canada supported same sex-marriage way before the United States

via @pridetoronto

As Canadians, we like to be trend setters. In July 2005, a law was passed making us the fourth country in the world to federally legalize same-sex marriage. Luckily, the States caught up exactly a decade later. We're pretty proud to say we did it first.

Don't forget pride week this year - check out where to celebrate in Toronto at www.pridetoronto.ca.

8. Canada is serious about comedy

via @jimcarreyoficial

Lorne Michaels, Eugene Levy, Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Howie Mandel, Catherine O’Hara, John Candy, Samantha Bee, Seth Rogen, Russell Peters. When we’re not apologizing, we’re laughing.

9. Canada is clean and tidy

Canada is always looking pristine. In fact, when film companies need to disguise Toronto as New York, the set directors throw up some NYC signs and garbage bags to recreate the New York setting.

10. Canada’s leader is this fine man

via @marcjohnso

Just look at that face. We are so proud of the work of Justin Trudeau!

This article would not be complete without hesitantly including the passive aggressive commentary of how we spell ‘neighbours’ - WITH ‘u’ :)

Ultimately, Canadians and Americans share some music, culture and even our borders, but Canadian pride is real. Canada is diverse, inclusive, pretty, and it is populated by a great bunch of door openers, sorry sayers, and love spreaders. In person we all look very different, online we blend together with our iconic “.CA”

If you're thinking of getting a website, consider getting a .CA domain here. It's the best way to show off your Canadian pride because the domain can only be registered by Canadians. See if your .CA name is available!