10 Dope Reincarnated Fashion Trends

Nostalgic trends you either love to love, or love to hate.

Fashion trends inherently come and go.  From the early 1900s until present day, only a few have managed to find their way back onto the fashion scene. Some of these fashion movements are cringe worthy, while others remain timeless. Many of these trends are hitting the scene in a revived way. From street style to high fashion runways, old school fashion is here to stay.  At least for now anyways.

Photo credLadyCatNoir

1. Bucket hats

This style has gone from the fishing docks to the runway. Beginning in the early 1900s, the bucket hat was less about fashion and rather worn as protection for farmers and fishers from harsh weather conditions. From then on, the hat was adapted into women's fashion in the mid 1900s. The bucket hat made a comeback in the hip hop scene from 1980 -2000, and then again in 2013. The most well known follower of this trend is, of course, Mr. LL Cool J

2. Overalls

Overalls have been culturally worn as workwear up until the 20th century, when they made their way into the world of fashion. This variation of a trouser has transformed from dorky to high fashion within only a few decades.

Photo cred: Katie Thomas

3. Harem pants

Harem pants are no longer exclusive to MC Hammer. These baggy pants that cuff around the ankle originated from the age old Arabian clothing. They were later adopted by MC Hammer in the 90s following his hit single "Hammertime". Harem pants were appropriated and trademarked as hammer pants, and worn in the hip hop dance scene as comfortable attire for moving and well... grooving. Whether or not it is here to stay, this trend has a relaxed feel and can be pulled off quite well when styled appropriately.

4. Kilt/man skirt

The kilt or the "man skirt" can be seen as a questionable fashion choice in Western culture that not many can pull off. Sure enough, this trend has been hitting the runways and the bodies of celebrities like Kanye, Jaden Smith, Marc Jacobs, and Jared Leto. These celebs have made "man skirts" a public fashion statement that is now making its into street style.

5. Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts are a timeless fashion staple that can be styled in many ways. This sophisticated look first gained its popularity in the 1950s amongst working class women. The name takes after its narrow fitted shape that usually hugs bellow the knees. Whether it's a day in the office or a night on the town, the pencil skirt is great for almost any occasion. With its simple elegance, we can certainly agree that this fashion trend is here to stay.

6. Retro sunglasses

One of the biggest trends in hipster fashion is having a retro pair of glasses. The most popular are the circular sunnies trademarked by the one and only Ozzy Osbourne. The great thing about sunglasses are that they come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, making them a basic accessory to have for all genres of style. If your look is grunge, bohemian, or the ultimate hipster, a cool pair of sunglasses is a great way to experiment with your style.

7. Hippie Fashion / Bohemian Chic

Somewhere along the line the hippie fashion has managed to stick. A popular style amongst activists and free spirited folk in the 60s, the hippie trend has maintained itself as a cultural niche in the music festival world.

Photo cred - kerouacandcoke

8. Chokers

Who would have thought that the choker would make its way back to the surface from the fashion undergrounds. This piece of jewelry is appropriately named for its enclosed fit around the neck. It can be seen amongst the high fashion and grungy street fashion society alike. Even with so many choices, from the type of material to the inclusion of charms or sequins, this look can be hard to pull off. Love it or hate it, the choker is a nostalgic blast from the past.

9. Wide brim fedora

Folks like Pharrell have rocked the fedora look in the most dramatized ways. Amongst all the hats this gent has worn, his oversized Mountie hat was the most talked about. After seeing this trend resurface it is quite astounding how well it has taken off in street style.

10.  Sagging

This boyish style emerged onto the hip hop scene in the 90s. It is believed that the origin of sagging or "low riding" came along when belts were banned from the prison system. In today's culture, the low rise jeans and peak a-boo-brief look is accepted as high fashion in women's style, but may appear slightly "thuggish" in mens fashion. Both genders have rocked this look, but whether it truly works well as a fashion statement is debatable. Otherwise, sagging is returning as a hip fashion.